Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

As a Kathmandu Wedding Photographer, I’d like to welcome you to the Wedding of {R}, the bride and {P}, the groom, who also happens to be my nephew.

I used to see {P} regularly when he was a student in London. We shared many memorable times in London.

However,  his wish was to always return to Nepal and carve a career there for himself. He is now one of the leading persons at the biggest mobile provider in Nepal, NCELL.

As luck would have it, my return flight was earlier than the wedding. So, I took myself to the Qatar Airways office in Kathmandu and amended the ticket to leave the day after the wedding.

It was one of the best decisions I made as I attended the wedding of my nephew and I knew the majority of guests on his side of the wedding party.

Here are some of my favourite photos from this Kathmandu Wedding;

Kathmandu Wedding

bride getting ready in Kathmandu for wedding

groom leaving for the wedding at Yak Party Palace

The janti on their way to the wedding

Kathmandu Wedding

Wedding in Kathmandu

Nepalese wedding

wedding in Nepal

The wedding ceremony

garland exchange between the bride and groom

Yak Party Palace Wedding Photographer

Yak Party Palace Wedding Photography

weddings in Kathmandu

Kathmandu wedding photos

putting the sindoor on the bride

happy groom at Yak Party Palace

nepalese wedding in nepal
Yak Party Palace Wedding Photographs

Kathmandu weddings

crying bride in kathmandu

bride wiping away tears in Kathmandu

emotional bride in nepal

nepalese wedding ceremony

emotional bride in nepal

putting tika on the nepalese bride

Yak Party Palace Wedding Photographer

Kathmandu Weddings

the wedding ceremony in nepal

guests having fun in nepal

nepali wedding photographer

nepalese wedding photographer

nepalese wedding photos

emotional bride in kathmandu

Kathmandu Weddings

Kathmandu Weddings

Couple portraits in nepal

portraits in nepal

If you are getting married in Kathmandu and you are looking for a Kathmandu Wedding Photographer, then please drop me a line.

I relish every opportunity to get back to Nepal, to visit my relatives, and a wedding would be the icing on the cake!

You can contact me via my contact form, or on my mobile, 07961410413.