The pictures are mind-blowing !!!

The BEST Wedding Celebrations Ever!


Your wedding day is the culmination of planning from choosing the wedding dress, to the favours on the tables. Shared with your closest family and friends. 

Wedding Photographer – it’s high up on your to-do list.  How do you know I’m the right fit for you? It’s important to know what you can expect from me both as a professional wedding photographer and as a person.

Are you looking for someone who captures your extraordinary wedding celebrations, all of the moments, all of the emotions, all of the fun!!!

Then, you might just have found your photographer!

Your Day, Your Story

Your wedding day; you are surrounded by your amazing family and friends, gathered from all corners of the world. I focus my attention on capturing the genuine and true moments.

Our interactions will be fun and full of laughter – from the first meeting, to the day itself and finally the joyful hand-over of your wedding album.

Incidentally, I think receiving your wedding album is a glorious moment, not to mention the perfect antidote for post-wedding blues. If you need more reasons as to why you should make a wedding album please read this.


My photos capture moments in time. Weddings can be emotional roller coasters (good ones!).

I aim to capture your feelings – from the pre-ceremony butterflies and thrill of being pronounced as being married, to the delight at the best man’s speech and romance of your first dance – so you can re-live these emotions again and again.


I have an expert eye for capturing the spontaneous moments – raw, undocumented and unscripted. From the joyous, unbridled laughter to the bitter-sweet smiles as you remember those who couldn’t attend. These ‘in-between’ moments narrate your story, beautifully and uniquely.

Unobtrusive Storytelling

With so much going on, it’s hard to see the ‘big picture’ of your day.

That’s my job. I inconspicuously collect the reactions, gestures, and interactions you don’t see – the nervous groom waiting, the proud father seeing his daughter in her wedding attire for the first time – so you get the complete story.

Imaginative Storytelling

As well as an emotional chronicle of events, I strive to create original, creative photos that take your wedding photos to a whole new level. It may be the composition, the atmosphere, the lighting – or all three – but these high-impact photos are reminiscent of editorial images in glossy magazines.

Relaxed & Fun Portraits

With all the excitement and congratulatory hugs and smiles from your guests after the wedding ceremony, it might be nice to get away and enjoy a moment together. In this time, we can (if you’d like them) create some fun, creative and relaxed portraits of you both.

Seamless Experience

As an experienced Wedding Photographer in Surrey and London, I deliver a seamless service from start to finish.

As well as taking care of your wedding photography with the utmost professionalism, I’m also a dab hand at fixing button holes and have plenty of wedding planning tips up my sleeve. If you need anything, just ask.

Lots of FUN!

Weddings are a heady mix of emotions but above all they are fun – from the detail planning to the very last kiss of the night. I aim to make your wedding photography as enjoyable as possible.

Formal Photos

Your wedding is likely to bring lots of important family members together. If you’d like specific formal group shots let me know. It’s important to remember that while I’m taking formal group shots I will miss moments happening elsewhere, so I always advise keeping them to a minimum. To save time, it’s also a good idea to have one or more close relatives/friends to gather the guests needed.

The Details

You may not see details elsewhere on my website – you’ve spent time preparing the details to make your wedding unique – which is why I spend time capturing these important elements too.

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Thank you for capturing all the moments so beautifully!

About Me

I’m here to help you have the best wedding day ever!

I’m Soven Amatya, a Wedding Photographer based on the border of London and Surrey.

You have spent so much time pouring over and planning your wedding celebrations.

Celebrations you want to remember, from the big belly laughs, hugs, and tears to the fleeting moments and emotions that are over in the blink of an eye with your friends and family.

I delight in capturing the beautiful and unassuming moments, all over the world, that represents the unique bond that is your love, in a manner that’s natural, perceptive, and nonintrusive.

I initially forged a career as a Systems Analyst / Programmer, from small niche IT companies to big international Investment Banks. It was at this time, I developed an interest in photography as a way to relax away from the hurly-burly stress of working in the City of London.

I found photography therapeutic and relaxing. In due course, my love of photography, combined with my wanderlust, of seeking new adventures, led me to become a Surrey Wedding Photographer.

I’m captivated by seeking new experiences and adventures, anywhere in the world. So, I’d love to hear about your amazing experiences and adventures – it might just lead to my next adventure!

Surrey Wedding Photographer

Every wedding is unique, and I can help you to plan your wedding, for example, with how to be relaxed and in-the-moment so you have an awesome wedding or the timeline, or finding other equally awesome suppliers. Just ask!

This is why I like to meet in person or have a FaceTime or Skype call in the first instance.

This way you can ask any questions you have and I can help with the vast experience I have collected.

Wedding Photographer Surrey

It’s important that we get along so that you can be at your best and feel unrestrictedly joyful in front of the camera – therefore a little bit about me:


I love seeking new cultures and meeting new people.

Any suggestions for new places to visit???

This is the famous Navagio Beach in Zakynthos (Greece)

My Daughter

I’m a proud father to an intelligent and amazing daughter

She wants to be a Writer, Marine Biologist, Mechanical Engineer, Physicist


I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I’ll cheerily tell you all about Nepal and the many reasons you must visit ‘the roof of the world’!

TV & Film

Any recommendations – but not horror, please!

Although, I still haven’t watched an episode of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.
Am I really missing out?


It’s common to have a nickname in Nepal. I was given a girl’s name

To this day, I still have no clue why!


I love sports, football in particular – I’m a dedicated Man United fan!

Although let’s NOT talk football, right now

I have…

mild dyslexia…

which is great because that’s not a tricky word to spell at all


My all-time favourite dishes are

Momos, Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) & Pumpkin Curry

Want recipes? Sure!


If you’re considering me as your wedding photographer, let’s meet up for a drink and cake (always cake!), and chat about your amazing wedding!