"... your pictures don’t look posed or artificial, they look like screenshots of someone else’s special day full of emotions"


There’s a line in a well-known novel: ‘memories warm you from the inside’, but sadly even our most cherished memories fade over time. Nothing preserves memories quite like photos.

They form a visual time capsule, enabling you to share with friends, family, and future generations the special moments of your wedding, time, and time again.

It’s not just any set of photos that can do that. They also need to tell your story.

As your wedding photographer, I’ll be there to tell the story of your wedding, the moments, the laughter, the reactions, the joy & happiness, the sad & happy tears, the hugs, and the love you have for each other and your guests, which can be relived, time and time again, through your photos and wedding album.

"You have no idea how many sleepless nights you’ve given me with your work!"




The Collections

When you book me as your wedding photographer, you will not just get pretty pictures, but also storytelling photos; the special moments and emotions of your wedding.

I will be in the background, observing and capturing the beautiful day as it unfolds.

When you receive your wedding photos you will be able to relive the moments and emotions; the unique story of your wedding celebrations.

Pre-Wedding Chat

An informal and relaxed ‘get-to-know-each-other’ chat in person or over Skype as I can hear all your wedding celebrations!

High-Resolution Photos

Awesome set of professionally edited High-Resolution Photos. Personal use of the images for you and your guests

Award-Winning Coverage

Coverage from a multi-award-winning photographer

Password Protected Online Gallery

A private online gallery for you, and your guests to view, download and print your photos

"We love how your photos clearly reflect the energy in the room"




This is the perfect choice when you want groom coverage as well as bridal coverage. For larger weddings, key events occurring in different locations.

Additional camera angles and photos.

The additional photographer will always be an experienced wedding photographer.


Pre or Post Wedding Shoot

A Pre-Wedding Shoot is a great way of spending time together before your wedding day. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other, and become friends.

So, when I arrive on your wedding day, you will be welcoming a friend and not a stranger.

A Pre-Wedding Shoot is also a chance for you to get in front of the camera prior to your wedding day. On the day itself, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Your Pre or Post Wedding Shoot will always be un and relaxed. We get to have fun together, and you will go away feeling energised and looking forward to having me photograph your wedding.

I like to photograph Pre or Post Shoots during the early part of the week, usually, Monday – Thursday. We can schedule a time and place (which might be significant to you both) that works.

In the Spring and Summertime, when we have long days in the UK after work Pre or Post Wedding Shoots work well.




When the confetti settles, all the months of crazy planning that went into creating an amazing day (or days) are captured in your wedding album.

Although it’s fun being able to view photographs online, there is nothing quite like the anticipation and feel of a beautiful, weighty wedding album in your hands.

My wedding albums are laid out as an emotional narrative of your day, so that as you thumb through you can recall exactly how you felt at the time, from the pre-ceremony nerves to the newly married giggles.

They’re also carefully designed to withstand the enthusiastic hands of generations to come. So, rather than being a ‘don’t touch’, wedding album, it’s a ‘let’s get out the wedding album’ wedding album – something to be enjoyed, touched and pored over now and for decades to come.

I searched high and low to source a wedding album supplier that could fulfil my meticulous, bordering OCD, aims.

Thankfully I found the one and it was worth the wait. Only available to professional wedding photographers, each album is hand-crafted and stitched for the finest lay-flat finish.

The images are razor-sharp, fine art quality so will always look incredible. The choice of covers is extensive, from buttery soft leather through to fully personalised, printed hardcovers.

"You've done such a brilliant job"



Please get in touch and let me have all the details of your wedding so I can make sure you have the perfect photography coverage for your wedding celebrations.