Guoman Hotel Wedding Photographer

{K} and {F} chose the Guoman The Tower Hotel for their wedding, and as a top London Wedding Photographer, this excited me.

Something is always happening, and the chance of getting unique images is still high. After arriving at the Hotel, I met {K} and her bridesmaid enjoying tea, cakes, and biscuits at The Executive Lounge.

They were so relaxed that anyone not a part of the wedding would not have known {K} was getting married later in the day. I stayed to finish my drink as {K}, and her party went to get ready. I joined {K} for bridal prep.

From the start of the bridal prep to the end of it, {K} received no fewer than seven gifts (Pandora) from {F}. Each gift had an accompanying letter and the reason behind the gift. {K} looked resplendent as she entered the ceremony room. She walked up to {F}, who looked in wonder at his beautiful bride-to-be.

Faraby was so knocked over by {K}, that he forgot the order of his name. It certainly added a charm to the day and something neither will ever forget.

groom unveiling the bride at the wedding ceremony

Guoman Hotel Wedding Photography

The reception took place on a boat, which travelled up and down the River Thames. At the start of the cruise, {K} and {F} had their Nikaah (Islamic Wedding Ceremony).

The imam was both very charming and engaging during the Nikaah. The first dance took place under the open skies, with everyone joining in to dance, too.

{K} and {F} are two of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure to meet. Both are very easygoing and full of love for each other.  You can also view their pre-wedding photos at Virginia Waters.

A big thank you to {K} and {F} for sharing their wedding day with me. I wish you the best for the future.

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