Eastwell Manor Wedding

Award-Winning Eastwell Manor Wedding; I always love shooting weddings at this gorgeous venue. Set in 3000 acres of beautifully maintained lawns, along the long tree-lined drive, Eastwell Manor is an idyllic wedding venue in Ashford, Kent.

Even though I’m an experienced Wedding Photographer, photographing weddings at venues such as Eastwell Manor still thrills me.

Constructed over 450 years ago, the beautiful Eastwell Manor Hotel is set far away from the traffic and noise.  The wedding started at a traditional wedding service in a nearby church, down some very narrow country lanes.

Once the wedding service was over, the guests mingled, before making their way to Eastwell Manor for the reception drinks and canapes and then the wedding reception meal.

While this was a very classic wedding, held in a beautiful and traditional venue, the couple had very vibrant, very vivid personalities, so a mix of ‘professional’ shots and candid photographs was ideal.

As the day wore on, it became chillier, and the two grandmothers made their way inside to celebrate the marriage of their grandchildren.

There are so many beautiful locations within Eastwell Manor and it provides an unlimited number of photo possibilities. What an incredible way to end the year. One new Fearless Award from Collection 40.

I’m very honoured and happy to have collected this award as less than 3% of entries received a Fearless Award. WoW! What a great year!

Eastwell Manor Wedding Photographer

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