Award Winning Documentary Wedding Photography

Award Winning Documentary Wedding Photography; “Fearless Photographers” is a directory of the finest wedding photographers around the world.

In the past, I have always been reluctant to enter photography awards as it always seemed to be a popularity contest in which photos won awards.

However, I quickly learned that this wasn’t the case with Fearless. So, one of my goals was to try to win a Fearless Award. The Fearless awards are judged by a panel of photographers from around the world. One photo in every one hundred photos is chosen for an award. That’s less than 3% of the submitted images. Therefore, the competition is tough. Therefore, I extremely happy one of my photos received my first Fearless Award.

This photo was taken during the Doli (also called the Vidaai), which signals the bride’s departure from her parental home. After the bride has thrown ‘phulian’ over her head, the bride is led away to the groom, who is waiting to take her to his home.

This is traditionally a sad ritual as the bride bids farewell to her parents, siblings, and family. This photo captures the moment when the father of the bride is handing over the responsibility of her well being to her husband. It is moments like these that show the powerful connection between the bride, groom and the bride’s father.

Award-Winning Documentary Wedding Photography

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