Fun and Relaxed French Alps Wedding Photography

French Alps Wedding Photographer – sparkling snow tops filled with snow, gorgeous natural light – post-wedding locations do not get more blissful than this!

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my photographer friend, Thiebauld, asked me along to this French Alps Post Wedding Photography session.

As an award-winning Surrey Wedding Photographer, I love travelling to new locations to shoot couples in love.

The French Alps were the perfect setting for this post-wedding shoot.

The bride, Laetitia, has been an avid skier since she was two years old, and had wanted her wedding to be on one of the ski slopes of the French Alps, surrounded by her loved ones.

However, the couple opted to have their wedding ceremony in a beautiful vineyard, near Saint Tropez.

Wedding Photography in The French Alps

A few months later, the groom arranged for their post-wedding photography in the famous ski resort of Auron. We had beautiful blue skies at the start of the day and made for some striking images. Then the snow came-utter joy for the couple.

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Here are some images of this beautiful French Alps Wedding Photography session.

French Alps Wedding Photographer Couple Hugging

French Alps Wedding Photographer Couple Walking in the snow

French Alps Wedding Photographer hugging on the french alps

Romantic Kiss on The French Alps

Couple kissing on the french alps

dancing in the snow on the french alps

walking on the French Alps

bride and groom walkign down the french alps

bride and groom on the ski lift

French Alps Post Wedding Photography

Bride Skiing on the French Alps

Bride and groom on the ski lift looking down

bride and groom skiing

bride and groom posing on the french alps


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  1. Beautiful Images, love your style

  2. Oh man! These are some great photographs. And an even better venue for capturing the essence of a nuptials ceremony. It’s actually soothing to look at these photos, lol. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  3. Wow! What a location! Great portraits Soven!

  4. Such a great location for a shoot. Something really different

  5. Love it. Great frames and kudos to the couple

  6. Wowzer a bride on ski’s!!! amazing!

  7. Wow, absolutely stunning work. Looks like these guys were really enjoying themselves as well 🙂

  8. Love that opening shot Soven

  9. Great blog and awesome images Soven! Really unusual, must have been great fun to shoot!

  10. Skiing in a wedding dress…Now THAT takes some guts. Wonderful session. How awesome to get the chance to record it.


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