Lillibrooke Manor Wedding Photographer

Lillibrooke Manor Wedding Photographer. Five minutes into meeting Marisa & Michael to discuss their wedding plans, I knew I was lucky to be asked to be a part of their day at Lillibrooke Manor.

The Grade II listed Lillibrooke Manor has a charming barn next to the Manor House. The grounds and gardens are beautiful, and you can be sure of beautiful wedding photographs all year round.

You can have a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in the secluded cloister garden, which also features a fountain. Lillibrooke Manor holds up to 220 guests.

You can also have a more intimate wedding ceremony inside the Small Barn and hold up to 120 guests. For weddings more substantial than 120 guests, you can hold the wedding ceremony in the grand Great Barn, which seats up to 170 guests.

Lillibrooke Manor and Barns is a fabulous choice all year round.

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Here are some thoughts from the bride and groom on their wedding day!

Wedding Photographer at Lillibrooke Manor 

What was your favourite part of your wedding?
Michael: Our favourite part of the wedding is that moment after the ceremony when you get to finally relax and say, “We did it”!

After all the stress, and before the remaining formalities, to have an hour or two to stroll around and spend some time together on your special day is essential.

Yes, there are photographers in the background, but by this point you don’t notice them and they capture you just being you.

What made you choose your ceremony / reception locations?
Michael: First and foremost we chose our local church.

It was then a case of looking at different venues and assessing against your own needs. Every place is different, maybe one just ‘feels’ right.

Of course, a big consideration is the budget… Do not start with the most expensive.

It will be hard to find another if your heart is set on the biggest and best but we all know how expensive weddings can be.

If you find one you both like and within budget and it logistically works, go for it!

You don’t need to make the decisions harder by visiting another ten unless of course, the ‘MOB’ has other plans for you

What details and styling did you choose?
Marisa: We went for a dusky pink and gold colour theme and a rustic styling with lots of birdcages and flowers to keep in with the setting of the barn venue we had our reception in.

We wanted something cute and pretty but not too overly polished 🙂

The best advice for a bride?
Marisa: Don’t stress!

I think it’s an emotional time and it’s so easy to be influenced by other people’s opinions and (sometimes) negativity that you almost forget that it is your special day and you as a couple are the most important thing about it.

I thought I was a fairly relaxed person until I tried to plan a wedding! All the stress was worth it in the end though, and it was a perfect day.

The best advice for a groom?
Michael: Surprise him or her.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity right? Something you will remember forever.

Where is the fun in the day running exactly to an agenda without time for a surprise that will make them smile and know exactly why they said yes?

Your favourite moment / the moment that will last forever?
Michael: Genuinely, seeing how amazing Marisa looked walking down the aisle and standing next to me.

I had been with her for three and a half years, seen her almost every day, but somehow I was still in awe.

I will remember that moment forever.

Marisa: so many wonderful moments, and I think I have 2, for different reasons.

I loved the almost one-to-one time we had during the ceremony when we knelt at the altar, and then the time between the church service and the reception.

I felt so much relief to have got the scary bit (for me at least-walking down the aisle with everyone watching!) out of the way, and it was so nice to have a little bit of time together just us.

Obviously, the second massive highlight has to be Michael’s dance routine! It was incredible and definitely made our wedding one to remember!

wedding photography at lillibrooke manor

Lillibrooke Manor Wedding Photographer

The biggest surprise about your wedding day?
Michael: It’s got to have been the evening dance routine Michael, his friends, and his little sister made.

It was fun, unexpected and memorable (with some great dad-moves).

What you loved most about working with me?
Michael: We liked working with Soven because he is a really friendly person who genuinely cares about the couple and their day.

You can see the passion instantly. Soven took a lot of time just to get to know us and what was special to us.

This not only made us feel more comfortable, but Soven knew members of our Wedding party, special moments we wanted captured all to the last detail.

Of course, the quality of his photography is fantastic as well!

Marisa: Soven, thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

I’m a bit of a shy person and was worried about being the centre of attention but you absolutely made me feel at ease both in the morning and throughout the day.

You also take lovely photos!

How to tame any wedding day nerves & excitement?
Michael: Seriously, just let the day happen – It will take you over regardless, don’t stress!

I think there must have been a few that didn’t go to plan, big or small.

Either way, it didn’t really matter – We came out married and had a great time with family and friends!

Absolute disaster about the kids Wedding Favours not turning up on time though, how did we cope…

How often have you looked through your photos since your wedding day?
Michael: Who is counting? Absolutely love them.

It seems every time we look at them we see something new that one of us forgot about!

Marisa: I’m always rediscovering photos I swear I haven’t seen before!

The photos absolutely capture how perfect the day was, thank you so much for documenting it so beautifully 🙂

Lillibrooke Manor Wedding Photography

If you’re looking for someone as your Lillibrooke Manor Wedding Photographer, please do get in touch. My photography style is modern, natural and fun – much like the couples I photograph!

A big thanks to the awesome Marius Tudor who was also a part of this special day and was amazing throughout the day.

To find out more, check my availability or arrange to meet (I’m based in London and am happy to meet for coffee if you’re close by) please send me a message or call me on 07961 410 413.

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