Chateau De Berne Award-Winning Photography

Chateau De Berne Award-Winning Photography: The Chateau De Berne is a postcard-perfect estate with a wide range of activities from fine dining to wines and vineyards to country pursuits and spas and a luxurious hotel.

Amidst all this, this also is a perfect and idyllic venue for a wedding!!! The Chateau is in the beautiful region of Provence, and it’s just an hour away from the coastal town of St Tropez.

The various pursuits include spa treatments, fine dining, cycling, hiking, quad-biking, and wine tasting with the vast vineyard.

Provence Wedding Photography

As an expert Destination Wedding Photographer, it’s always a pleasure to photograph weddings at iconic venues worldwide, from the small, intimate rooms in French Town Halls to great, big open spaces like the Chateau De Berne in Provence, France.

Whatever the setting, my approach is the same. To create emotional memories, tell the relationships between you and your guests.

This photo is a beautiful and quiet moment between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The guests congratulated the couple once the ceremony ended. I took a moment to step back and see how loving their interaction was.

I’m happy to be a Chateau De Berne award-winning photographer.

Chateau De Berne Award Winning Photographer

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