Your Dream Wedding Venue – How to Find the Perfect Setting For Your Day

Your wedding venue will determine a lot, even beyond the obvious esthetics. How you can decorate the space, the timing of the day and the backdrops for your wedding portraits are dependent on the venue. Before you jump the gun and book the first place you fall in love with, read on to find out how to find the absolute perfect setting for your wedding day.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

Hotels and catering halls have wedding hosting down to a science. Packages often include everything from linens, candles and hors d’oeuvres to centerpieces, dinner and sometimes even the cake. If you prefer a more unique, customised day, though, there are a bunch of spaces that can be turned into a wedding venue. Consider galleries and museums, theaters, breweries and restaurants, boats, and even cool urban warehouses.

Important Questions to Ask

Location, budget and the size of your guest list are details that just scratch the surface. Here’s a starter list of things you’ll need to know:

  • Can you have both the ceremony and reception at the venue? This will make it easier to coordinate photos with your wedding photographer.
  • Are there on-site accommodations for guests who want to sleep over? If not, where’s the closest hotel? Does the venue provide transportation at the end of the night?
  • Can you upgrade to bigger packages even after the contract’s been signed?
  • Is there enough parking available?
  • Will there be other weddings the same day or weekend as yours?
  • Are there restrictions regarding things like confetti or candles?


A Few More Tips

The problem with many non-wedding location venues is that you’ll have to bring everything in, including tables, staff, lighting and flooring. Find out exactly what they provide, what you need to order and if you’re limited when it comes to the suppliers you’re allowed to use.

Expect to spend a lot of time when you visit each venue. There are tons of questions you just can’t get answered over the phone. For example, where will your guests walk? If it’s over grass, what happens if it rains that day and the grounds muddy? What are the bathrooms like? Are there outlets where the DJ can set up?

Lastly, find out exactly with whom you’ll be dealing with on your wedding day. The salesperson isn’t necessarily going to be your Maître’d and you need to know you get along with whoever will be handling the ceremony and reception.

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