Wotton House Wedding Photography

Wotton House Wedding Photography: Home to the first Italian garden in England, Wotton House is an ideal wedding location. The garden was first completed in 1652 by Richard Evelyn. He was passionate about the unique botanicals he found in Italian Renaissance gardens. 

As a Wedding Photographer based in Surrey, Wotton House feels like home. There are so many places for great photographs.

The house and garden’s original details have been preserved over the past 370 years, as the Evelyn family wanted to keep Richard Evelyn’s concepts.

The gorgeous house and 13-acre grounds make perfect backdrops for your wedding photos. The original mosaics and Roman temples will add a priceless historic charm to your special day. 

The gardens genuinely are the centrepiece of this magnificent estate. They have been home to many intricacies, including housing Kangaroos on the main lawn!

the confetti walk

Wotton House

However, this shouldn’t detract from the magnificent house entrenched in centuries of incredible historical significance.

Wotton House was home to the Canadian Army during the Second World War, and in 1947 it became a fire training centre for The Home Office. Soon afterwards, the house became the National Fire Service College.

Located close by is the River Tillingbourne, which has become home to various aquatic plants and wildlife, including a family of ducks. You can take in beautiful nature on your special day. This is a great place to relax and remember to take in special moments. 

I always encourage the bride and groom to take time for themselves, and Wotton House is a great place to do this. I can also capture some natural and fun portraits during this time, allowing you to step back from the intense festivities. This time will help you enjoy your wedding more. This means you won’t have to worry about capturing the perfect photograph later when the party is in full swing. 

Wotton House Wedding Photography

Weddings at Wotton House

The unique indoor and outdoor spaces of Wotton House are fully licensed for civil ceremonies, meaning you can have your ceremony and reception in the same place. This reduces stress, as you don’t have to worry about transferring yourself and your guest from one venue to another. This also gives us more time to take the perfect wedding photographs!

With my years of experience, I can capture both the magic of your new relationship as a married couple and the grandness of Wotton House. I can guarantee that your photographs will be something you always look back on fondly if you choose this fantastic location to tie the knot!

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Wotton House Wedding Photography

When you choose me as your Wotton House wedding photographer, you can depend on me to make your photos as memorable as possible. I always try to capture every single special moment of your wedding day. 

This is your day. 

My extensive experience and knowledge of the wedding industry mean you can depend on me to help your day go as smoothly as possible.

Please get in touch with me via my form.

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Wotton House Wedding Photography

Wotton House Wedding Photographer

Weddings at Wotton House

the bride walking down the aisle

emotional bride wiping away her tears during the wedding ceremony

happy bride and groom during the wedding ceremony

emotional bride during the wedding ceremony

the happy couple during the wedding ceremony

bride wiping away her tears

emotional couple during the wedding ceremony

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the wedding ceremony

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couple portraits at Wotton House

The couple portrait with Wotton House in the background

Wotton House Wedding Photography

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couple portrait at Wotton House

Wotton House Portraits

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