Winter Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some tips on Winter Wedding Mistakes to avoid. Winter wedding perks are abundant. Piping hot cocoa at cocktail hour and Christmas music during the reception are just two of them. What about the drawbacks, though? Crossing patches of ice in sky-high stilettos and freezing in your sleeveless gown come to mind. Here are a few Winter Wedding tips brides should think about when planning their chilly nuptials.

Winter colour schemes that are red and green or blue and white.

Please, no, not a fire engine red and true green wedding. Blue and white is a pretty enough combination, but so overdone – try blue and silver, perhaps? Any rich colour with winter white will look divine as well – think gemstone hues or rich navy blue.

Holiday decor at the church is fine…I guess.

It’s not, and that’s okay – you can speak up! Ask the church if they’ll let you replace the Christmas wreaths and poinsettias with your own, super chic wedding adornments. Promise that you’ll have someone on un-decorating duty the second you and your new hubby walk out the door.

Why would there be a heavy rainfall/snow?

Newsflash: the weather doesn’t care how sunny and perfect you want it to be, wedding day or no wedding day. There could be a snowstorm, even if the rest of the winter’s been unseasonably warm. Prepare for the unexpected. Let everyone know alternate routes to the ceremony and reception in case roads are closed, give guests your Maid of Honour’s cell number to use as an emergency hotline and don’t forget to bring your umbrella.

natural couple portrait at pennyhill park wedding photography

My coat will ruin the look of my dress

Well, yeah, it will – we kind of agree with you there. Unless you want to be blue in your wedding photography, though, you’ll need something to keep you warm. Sure, you’re not going to want your old grey pea-coat over your gown, but you can still find a bridal cape or fancy shrug to stay bundled while you’re outside. (The same goes for your bridesmaids). Also, don’t forget a coat check for your guests. Jackets strewn over the backs of chairs will look untidy in your photography.

Satin heels won’t get ruined in the snow or very soggy ground.

They absolutely will. Your wedding photographer will want to take advantage of the picturesque snow-covered fields, so bring boots to either purposely show off or hide under your dress.

Looking for an experienced Winter Wedding Photographer?

I have photographed lots of winter weddings and have created amazing photos fro my couples. Get in touch to discuss your wedding plans.

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