Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever talked to a bride who said that everything went off without a hitch at their wedding? Don’t believe her. These wedding mistakes are far too common.

1. Spending the whole budget on your ensemble. Is it worth forgoing a cake, sit-down dinner and professional wedding photography just for a gown?

2. Ignoring your florist’s advice. When she recommends local blooms over imported florals, listen to her. Fresh flowers beat wilted exotics any day.

3. Getting your hair and makeup done last. If time runs out, it’s better to move quickly on a bridesmaid.

4. Forgetting that your fashion budget isn’t just for the dress, but also the shoes and accessories.

5. Doing everything traditional. Get your personality in there! You can easily do this by talking with your wedding photographer about getting shots that have your personality stamped on them.

6. Hiring a friend as a vendor who isn’t a professional in their field. I know you love them, but when you hire an amateur, the job might look…amateurish.

7. Skipping invites if you’re getting married close to a holiday or during a busy travel time, like a summer vacation.

8. Working with your DJ. Give them an idea of what music you want, provide short “Play” and “Don’t Play” lists and then let them do their job. Then dance the evening away.

9. Telling every last detail of the wedding – it opens up the door for them to chime in with their opinions. Keep some things a surprise, even if it’s just the flavour of the cake.

10. Crash dieting after your last fitting. If your dress looks perfect now, it won’t look better if you lose five pounds.

11. Staying behind-the-scenes during cocktail hour. The receptions going to fly by; take advantage of the extra time to mingle.

12. Partying a little too hard the night before. Weddings are no fun when you’re the Bride With a Hangover or the Groom Who Never Went to Sleep.

13. Leaving for a honeymoon the day after your wedding. It might drive you nuts trying to coordinate your holiday plans while you’re prepping the week of your wedding.

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