Wedding Day Tips

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As an experienced
Wedding Photographer, photographing weddings worldwide, I know how much hard work and time is taken to plan a wedding. Therefore, I want your photography experience to be the most relaxed process in your planning.

I have created this guide, and I hope you find it helpful and informative.


General Tips

If you are getting ready at home, a hotel, or the ceremony/reception venue, choose a location with beautiful natural light coming in.

Add cushion time to the timeline – to allow any unexpected things to happen.

Have as many bridesmaids as possible ready before you, so they can help and look good in the photographs too. However, you also don’t want to be last, especially if the timeline is tight.

Eat a good breakfast. It might be several hours until you sit down to eat.

Take a comfort break before getting into your dress.

If you want photographs of you getting into the dress, it will look nicer if your bridesmaids are already dressed and which takes place close to a window.

Allow enough time to get photographs of getting into your dress, especially if the ceremony is at another location.

Things might go wrong. That’s normal, so don’t stress. No one will notice.

Time management becomes even more crucial if the wedding happens in several locations. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic.

Relax, have fun and enjoy yourself. It will show in the photographs!!!


Moments & Emotions

Weddings can be emotional roller coasters (good ones!).

The ‘in-between’ moments narrate your story beautifully and uniquely. But, with so much going on, it’s hard to see your day’s ‘big picture’.

That’s my job. I have an expert eye for capturing spontaneous moments – raw, undocumented and unscripted. So I inconspicuously collect the reactions, gestures, and interactions you see and don’t see. 

From the joyous, unbridled laughter to the bitter-sweet smiles as you remember those who couldn’t attend.

The First Dance at Eight Moorgate

Getting Ready

Having photographs from this part of the day helps to tell the complete story of your wedding day.

Have trusted family and friends ready for any last-minute delegation of tasks. Relax and enjoy the start of the wedding day with your family and friends.

The time will fly by.

The ideal getting-ready space would be light, spacious and free of clutter. Don’t worry if it isn’t spacious or free of clutter.


Good Light

Having good light makes a big difference to the photographs. Ideally, you want your makeup done where natural light is falling onto you (and your bridesmaids).

Do check if the place you are getting ready has natural light. If it doesn’t (windowless rooms do exist), then consider moving to where there are. Another room might have better light.

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vill Court Wedding Photography Father giving his daughter,the bride, a reassuring hug

The Ceremony

The part of the day why everyone is here. Check beforehand if there are any photography restrictions at the ceremony location so you are not disappointed afterwards.

Please ask if the officiant in charge of the wedding is happy to have your vows photographed. Sometimes, restricted photography is only allowed. For example, photographing from the back of the church. (I have been sent to the back of the room before, and in a few cases, a total ban on photographs during the ceremony.)

Be present and enjoy the moments during the ceremony and day. Enjoy the celebratory happy hugs and kisses from the guests.

Planning lets you ensure the confetti/sparklers are captured perfectly.

Marriage Ceremony at Villa Pizzo Lake Como

Go Unplugged!

An unplugged ceremony is where the guests have been politely asked to put down their cameras and electronic devices so they are present and in the moment during the ceremony.

I have had guests jump out in front of me and ruin moments such as the first kiss or walking out as a married couple.

Also, I rarely use flash during a ceremony, so when the flash from a guest goes off, it can overexpose the photographs I’m taking and ruin the moment again. You can have the officiant inform the guests just before the ceremony starts.


Group Photographs

The ideal time for Group Photographs is either just after the ceremony at the venue if there is space or at the reception venue (if it’s different).

Each Group Photo usually takes around 4-5 minutes, so you might want to keep this to a minimum if you want to spend the maximum time with your guests. It’s advisable to have designated people to round up the guests for each group to speed it along. Let the people involved in the Group Photographs know when they are required. 

the wedding party group photo at the fennes

Couples’ Portraits

Whether you are camera shy or super easy in front of the camera, this part of the day is an excellent time for you both to get away from all the guests. and have some quiet time together.

It’s up to you to decide how much time you want to spend getting fantastic portraits for your walls and album. The portraits can be broken up to provide different looks throughout the wedding day.

One of the best times for couples’ portraits is during the golden hour sunset (assuming a visible sunset). The light is natural and beautiful. The sun’s rays are diffused and soft and are typically more flattering.

Surrey Wedding Photographer Portfolio 23

Portraits In The Rain

Embrace the rain. Unique portraits can be made in nearly any weather condition. The beauty is it will give a different look to the photographs in your album.

couple portrait in the rain savill court

The Reception

It’s time to relax and celebrate with your guests.

Make the Reception a reflection of who you are. Add touches to make it unique.

Think about the backdrop for the photographs where the speeches will take place. Are there big pieces (usually floral) on the table obscuring you or the speaker? If so, it will make it harder to photograph anyone behind them.

Having the speeches after the main course and just before the desserts will allow your guests to relax and enjoy their food and drinks. Also, asking for the plates to be cleared and not having the wait staff on the floor produces cleaner images. 

Surrey Wedding Photographer Portfolio 76


The First Dance & Party

If you feel stiff and clumsy, practice dancing to the song before the wedding day.

Consider bustling wedding dresses with a long train, so you don’t trip over.

Documentary Led Wedding Photography

I enjoy shooting weddings and working across Surrey and the world to create beautiful, natural wedding photos for my couples. My approach is all about my couples relaxing, having fun, and enjoying themselves – it also shows in the final images.

If you’d like to know more about my professional Wedding Photography services or chat about your plans in person, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.