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From the Dolomites’ snow-capped summits to Sicily’s orange fields at Mount Etna’s base. Not many places in the world are more beautiful than Italy, from Tuscany’s rolling hills sprinkled with historic villages to the Amalfi Coast’s sheer cliffs with colourful buildings.

Medieval brick structures set apart Siena, a city in Tuscany in central Italy. The Gothic town hall, Palazzo Pubblico, and Torre del Mangia, a slender 14th-century tower with a unique white crown, are all located in Piazza del Campo, the square’s fan-shaped middle area.

Situated only seven miles outside of Siena – a couple of hours from Firenze and Pisa International airports is the magnificent Villa Catignano. Imagine the most enchanting Tuscan landscape that will charm your senses and an incredible estate nestled in the heart of the Chianti region – the perfect backdrop for your celebration! Trust me; your Villa Catignano wedding photography will look awe-inspiring.

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Villa Catignano

The Villa Catignano wedding venue dates back to the end of the 17th century. It was built by the current owner’s ancestor – the writer Quinto Settano, pseudonym of Monsignor Lodovico Sergardi. Nowadays, the villa has opened its doors to couples and guests who love historic architecture, art and an ethereal atmosphere.

The Villa Catignano serves as the ideal setting for timeless wedding photos. One of the most stunning features of this estate is the Giardino all’Italiana, a beautifully decorated renaissance garden with historical statues representing the four seasons. In the background, you will spot the mediaeval charm of Siena – becoming another prominent role in the scenery.

As you walk through the grounds, you will enjoy what seems to be a romantic garden of lovely lemon trees. The beautiful geraniums that adorn the surroundings will add a unique flair to your Villa Catignano wedding photography. Enveloped by peace and tranquillity, you will have no trouble finding a quiet spot for your first look or intimate wedding portraits!

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Villa Catignano Weddings

Weddings at Villa Catignano typically take place in the lemon garden. You enter it after descending the old stone steps, pass the four statues, and then enter a long aisle that is the perfect entry for any wedding celebration. The ceremony place is a magnificent setup at the bottom of the garden, full of vibrant colours and intricate elements. If you plan to host your event during summer, the staff offer parasols and fans for your outdoor ceremony. In addition, the stunning Tuscan countryside and distinctive private villa provide an ideal backdrop for photographing each memorable moment.

Every scent and view in Villa Catignano reflects the exquisite elegance of a long history, even in the briefest glances. It helps weave a nuptial story that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Envision an al fresco courtyard soiree and celebrate in the evening hours… a dream! You can select from the different menu suggestions or design your own to suit your needs. Whether you want a private breakfast on the terrace, an outstanding lunch or dinner in the Italian Garden, or a lavish reception in the villa’s courtyard, they will put their expertise in catering at your service.

You can trust me to make beautiful wedding photographs as your Villa Catignano wedding photographer.

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Villa Catignano – the Perfect Italian Wedding Photography

I have a story of a gorgeous couple for you, captured in the photos below! It is an example of what you can do at the Villa Catignano wedding venue. First, the lovely bride and the handsome groom got ready in separate rooms. Then, as the day unravelled, their ceremony was beautifully tailored in the Giardino all’Italiana garden, and the reception took place in the courtyard. I enjoyed documenting every moment of their celebration, but their portraits throughout the villa were dreamy!

You can count on me for your Villa Catignano wedding photography. I aim to channel your story and personality, making your images memorable. As an experienced photographer, you can always count on my help to support you for a seamless wedding day. Don’t hesitate to contact me for my services, and if you need more venue inspiration, feel free to browse my blog!

Tuscany Wedding Photographer

Although I’m a Surrey-based wedding photographer, I’m blessed to be able to travel to weddings worldwide.

When you choose me for your Villa Catignano wedding photography or anywhere in Italy, you will receive memorable photographs. 

My extensive experience and knowledge of the wedding industry mean that you can depend on me to help your day go as smoothly as possible.

Please get in touch with me via my form.

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men's lay-flat in Siena

groom getting ready at villa catignano

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The groom and groomsmen posing at the villa in Siena

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posing by the men at the wedding in Italy

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the bride arriving for the ceremony at the villa in Tuscany

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boy playing games during the wedding ceremony at villa catignano

the recessional in Italy

confetti at villa catignano

confetti at villa catignano

confetti at villa catignano

hugs at the villa in Siena

hugs with a guest in Tuscany wedding

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bride and guests laughing at the reception at villa catignano

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couple portrait at villa catignano

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Villa Catignano

Guests eating at Villa Catignano

Bride happy during the speeches at villa catignano wedding photography

bride and groom laughing during the speeches at villa catignano

the guests listening to the speeches in Tuscany, Italy

Guest recording the speeches at Villa Catignano Wedding Photography

bride trying not to laugh during the speeches at Villa Catignano

Everyone in hysterics during the Villa Catignano Wedding Speeches

Boy playing during the speeches at the Villa in Italy

guests having fun during the wedding speeches in Tuscany

emotional bride listening to the speeches at Villa Catignano Tuscany Italy

Crying bride comforted by mum during the speeches at an Italian wedding

Crying bride during the speeches in Italy

Laughing bride and guests during the speeches in Tuscany

Surprised reaction of the bride and mum during the speeches in Italy

Everyone listening to the speeches in Siena Tuscany Italy

bridesmaids speech at the Villa Catignano

Villa Catignano Wedding Photography

bride and groom's reaction to the bridesmaids speech in Tuscany

Raising a glass at the end of the speech at Villa catignano

Bride delighted at the speech in Italy

bride hugging a bridesmaid at the end of the speech in Tuscany

groom hugging bridesmaid after speech at villa catignano

bridesmaids hugging bride after the Italian wedding

son comforting crying mum at Tuscany wedding

Tuscany wedding photography

Italian wedding photography

groom roasted by best man's speech at Villa Catignano

Groom stunned by photo during the best man's speech in Tuscany

loving moment between the bride and groom in Siena Tuscany Italy

A toast to the speech at Villa Catignano

happy bride and sisters after the speech in Tuscany

waiting to cut the cake during the villa catignano wedding photography

cake cutting at villa catignano

lifting the bride at villa catignano

couple portrait at catignano wedding