Tooting Wedding Photography


Tooting Wedding Photography

Tooting Wedding Photography. I couldn’t wait to photograph Federica and Michael’s London Wedding in Tooting.

A native Italian, Federica had been living in the UK for a few years, and she was so happy that her immediate family would be flying over from Italy to celebrate with them.

For the bride, this was to be a doubly significant day – marrying the love of her life, and having her family visit her here in the UK.

Federica was living in Addington and chose to do her bridal preparations there with her friends and family, so it was just a short ride to her home for a Surrey wedding photographer like myself.

I enjoyed this part of the day, and some of my favourite photos at this time.

Federica had chosen a beautiful, classic ivory gown with a corseted bodice that was quite complex to tie in just the right way.

It turned into a three-person job to get those ribbons straightened out and tied.

I love looking through the photos showing Federica’s friends and family all supporting her and helping out, making sure she looked perfect for Michael. He was getting ready in nearby Norbury.

Tooting Wedding Photographer

The wedding ceremony took place at the Parish Church of St Barnabas in Mitcham.

It’s almost impossible to describe the beauty of this venue in words, but I’ll try.

Built-in 1908, and completed in 1914, this building was designed by HP Burke-Downing, who is most commonly associated with his breathtaking designs for the Lambeth Town Hall.

The Neo-Georgian architecture is the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photos, and on the grounds of this grade II listed building can also be utilised on sunny days such as the day of Federica and Michael’s wedding.

The wedding ceremony was lovely. It was much more energetic than the average church service, with drums, keyboards, and a choir singing hymns throughout the wedding service.

Despite the energy, Federica and Michael kept things very traditional, with the bride maintaining her veiled appearance until the couple took communion together, and finally celebrating with their first kiss as newlyweds.

London Wedding Photographer

Those two families were so thrilled that it is nearly impossible to get the bride and groom alone for some couples photos!

Fortunately, I did manage to steal them away for a few minutes to get some lovely pictures with their cute flower girl and handsome page boy.

The bride and groom opted to hold their reception at a local hall in Wallington which was decorated beautifully with the blue and ivory theme that I’d captured throughout the ceremony.

Now was a chance for everyone to relax, chill out, and have fun, and what better way to do that than with copious amounts of champagne and an extensive buffet?

Sounds good to me! While I do love the photos of Federica’s bridal preparations, I have to admit also being very fond of the images taken during the speeches.

The bride & groom’s families knew how to make the room laugh, and I love the happy, smiling faces on everyone as they listened intently to the heartfelt and humorous congratulations.

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Tooting London Wedding Photography Groom Prep

Tooting London Wedding Photography Bridal Prep

Tooting London Wedding Photography Bridal Prep

Tooting London Wedding Photography Ceremony

Tooting London Wedding Photography Ceremony

Tooting London Wedding Photography Reception

Tooting London Wedding Photography Reception












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