Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Florals

There’s no end to your wedding planning “To Do” list and flowers are just one of the many items you’ll be handling over the next few months. The best defence is a good offence when it comes to wedding florals. Work with your florist to avoid problems and make this part of your planning seamless. Here are some tips for choosing the right Wedding Florals.


Bouquets should complement the bridesmaids’ dresses, not match them. The flowers are going to get lost against the fabric if the colours are the same, especially in photos. Even a great wedding photographer won’t be able to make those florals stand out in photos! Also, different flowers have different needs. Some will be okay on their own, while others need to stay hydrated. The flowers in your bouquet should be low maintenance.

Aromatic Flowers

The flowers in your bouquet can be aromatic, but the centrepieces shouldn’t be. Strong smelling flowers will clash with the meal and affect the taste. Don’t worry; it’s totally normal to have different flowers in your bouquets than your decor!

Bring Along Examples

To truly convey what you want for your wedding flowers, bring magazine clippings or an iPad where you can scroll through your PInterest boards.

Centrepiece & Flower Sizes

When it comes to centrepieces, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Wide or tall floral arrangements can obstruct the view, both of the landscape and between the guests. Think of the big picture when ordering centrepieces.

If you want to save money, order full flowers, like hydrangeas. A smaller amount of flowers will go a long way. Individually, the flowers may cost more than other types, but you’ll need fewer overall.

Have a Backup Plan

Don’t get set on just one type of flower. Every flower isn’t available all the time, which means what you want now, may not be possible to get then. The farther in advance you order, the less likely you’ll get what you want for your wedding day. Stay flexible – don’t choose a type of flower, but instead a colour and shape. Then, when you do order flowers, tell your florist your plan B and plan C choices. Ask that the backups be written into your contract, too.

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