Things You’ll Regret Skipping On Your Wedding Day

You’ve heard all of the things you won’t miss at your wedding: an oversized butter-cream cake, but what about all of those things that you’re planning to skip but will actually regret, though? Here are some items I suggest leaving on your wedding “To Do” list.


1. A Moment To Yourself

Instead of rushing from the ceremony to the reception, take ten minutes with your groom alone. You’ll get a few moments to breathe before you’re bombarded with hugs, photos and gushing over your dress.

2. Cocktail Hour Food

After your ceremony, guests are going to be starving. If you don’t offer food, they’re going to hit the bar way too much and may be tipsy by the time the reception starts.

 3. Comfortable Shoes

The place to skimp in your wedding budget is not on your shoes. You’re going to be on your feet for hours in your wedding heels, even if you eventually switch to flats.

4. Oil-Blotting Sheets

Even if you’re naturally gorgeous, you’re going to have more moisturiser, foundation and makeup on during your wedding day than you’re probably used to. With all that dancing and laughing you’ll be doing during the reception, you’re likely to get a little bit shiny.

5. Family Portraits

When is everyone going to be together again and dressed to the nines? Probably never, so take advantage of the opportunity while you’ve got it. Discuss timing with your photographer before the big day.

6. Fancy Hotel Room

It’s your first night as Mrs. Married Person. Treat yourself to a plush robe and a chocolate on your pillow. You’ve earned it.

7. After Party

Your friends are partying with your family members, which rarely / never happens. I know you’re exhausted and your feet hurt, but try to squeeze as much fun out of this night as possible.

8. A Backup Plan

Not having a backup plan is fine, until your outdoor wedding is being ruined by rain. If you’re getting married outside, plan for the worst.

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