Tahiti Wedding Photographer

I feel incredibly lucky to be a Tahiti Wedding Photographer. As a Wedding Photographer based in Surrey, I couldn’t believe how fortunate I felt to travel to the other side of the world to photograph a wedding in Tahiti and Moorea.

Tahiti: the word conjures up visions of unspoiled paradise, idyllic weather, blue oceans, and even bluer skies, black sand beaches, as well as white sand-covered beaches, and lots of activities for tourists including surfing, diving, scuba diving, and many more sea and land pursuits, in a remote part of the world.

Travelling to Tahiti from London did feel like this. But more on that later.

Motu Tiahura Wedding Photography


Tahiti, Moorea, French Polynesia

Collectively, Tahiti and her 118 islands in the South Pacific make up French Polynesia.

The collection of islands and atolls covers the nautical size of Western Europe; however, the total landmass only makes up 4,100 square kilometres.

The capital of Tahiti is Papeete, which, translated into English, means ‘water basket’.

Several of the other islands are very popular, too. The Huffington Post described Moorea as “The World’s Most Beautiful Island You’ve Never Heard Of“, which is so stunning. It is also known as “The Island of Love”.

The more well-known and famous island in the “The Islands of Tahiti” is the island of Bora Bora.  It’s called “The Romantic Island”. The Tahitian language doesn’t have the letter “B” and is pronounced as Pora Pora. The English translation means “firstborn”. Early visitors misheard it as Bora Bora.

All international flights arrive at Faa’a International Airport. I would recommend a short stay in Tahiti before leaving for one of the smaller, quieter, more secluded islands.  

Enjoy a memorable and remarkable stay on a motu, Tahitian, to describe a tiny island on the coast of a more massive island. The motu is usually covered in coconut palms and has fabulous coral gardens and colourful sea life.

bride wiping away her tears during the wedding ceremony


Creative Tahiti Wedding Photographer

I started my journey from London Gatwick and flew into Singapore, one of my favourite countries in the world. A very brief stopover, and I was on my way to Sydney for a 1-week stay with my brother and his amazing family.

I enjoyed my stay in Sydney. It was a breath of fresh air. Then, I flew to Tahiti via a brief layover in Auckland.

On my arrival, the groom and all the groomsmen met me at the airport and gave me a floral wreath, a traditional Tahitian welcome, similar to a custom in Nepal.

The bride and groom kindly hosted me for my stay, and I had the most fantastic adventure in Tahiti. It turns out the bride had been a wedding photographer in her previous profession, and the groom had been the world micro-surfboard champion for ten years (I think), and both are well-known locally.

The bride and groom both started the day on the Island of Tahiti. The bride was getting ready in a hair salon in the capital, while the groom got ready in their home. I started the day with the bridal party and went to the groom’s wedding party. Tahiti follows French law, so the couple married in their town hall in Tahiti. Once the ceremony was over, everyone went to the ferry to catch a boat to the magnificent Moorea. Off the coast of Moorea is the ‘motu moea, ‘ also known as ‘Moorea Mayor Beach, ‘ which is owned by a bride’s family.

It was amazing to walk around this motu. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Here are some of my favourite Wedding Photographs in Tahiti;

boats on the sea in Tahiti

Arue, Tahiti Wedding

laughter in Arue, Tahiti

bridesmaids having fun in Arue, Tahiti

Fishing in Tahiti

Having fun in Tahiti, South Pacific Ocean

Groomsmen playing Frisbee on the South Pacific Sea

swimming in the South Pacific Sea

Bridesmaids getting ready at the hairdressers - Tahiti Wedding Photographer

bridesmaid getting make-up in Tahiti

laughing bridesmaid during bridal prep in Tahiti

bride laughing Tahiti Wedding Photographer

bride and bridesmaid having fun in Tahiti

bridal party in Tahiti

groom and groomsmen getting ready in Arue, Tahiti

Tahiti Wedding Photographer groom getting ready

emotional bride before the wedding ceremony in Arue, Tahiti

crying bride before the wedding ceremony in Arue, Tahiti

bride wiping away tears with her dad before the ceremony in Arue Tahiti

bride and dad arriving for the wedding ceremony in Arue, Tahiti

bride and groom's joyful tears during the wedding ceremony in Arue Tahiti

Arue Town Hall, Tahiti Wedding Photographer

wedding ceremony in Arue Tahiti

happy bride during the wedding ceremony in Arue Tahiti

tearful bride hugging the groom Tahiti Wedding Photographer

happy bride and groom in Arue, Tahiti

confetti walk in Arue Tahiti Tahiti Wedding Photographer

selfie with the bride in Arue Tahiti

Tahiti Wedding Photographer

groom and his party on the way to Moorea

groom and bride's father having fun on a boat in Tahiti

wedding guests boarding a boat to Moorea

bride and groom kiss on the boat Tahiti Wedding Photographer

bride and groom on the boat to Moorea

guests on the boat in Tahiti and Moorea

Moorea Wedding Photographer

bride and bridesmaids walking for group photographs in Moorea

Moorea Wedding Photographer

Bridal Group Photograph in Moorea

bride and groom portrait in Moorea

Motu Tiahura Beach

Motu Tiahura traditional Tahitian wedding Moorea Wedding Photographer

Drone view of Motu Tiahura, Moorea, Tahiti

drone view of Motu Tiahura, Moorea, Tahiti Wedding Photographer

Top down view of Motu Tiahura

drone aerial view of Motu Tiahura, Moorea

aerial view of Motu Tiahura Moorea

wedding ceremony and reception on Motu Tiahura, Moorea, Tahiti

the wedding guests waiting for the bride and groom on Motu Tiahura

bride and groom arriving on Motu Tiahura , Tahiti Wedding Photographer

emotional bride and groom on Motu Tiahura

groom comforting the bride during the Tahitian wedding ceremony on Motu Tiahura

hugs at the ceremony in Motu Tiahura

boy playing during the wedding ceremony

traditional Tahitian Wedding on Motu Tiahura Moorea Tahiti

bridal portrait on Motu Tiahura Moorea Tahiti

bride and father moment during the speeches Motu Tiahura Tahiti Wedding Photographer

bride and groom reaction during the speeches on Motu Tiahura

dancing on Motu Tiahura

more dancing on Motu Tiahura

air guitar and dancing on Motu Tiahura

Motu Tiahura Tahiti Wedding Photographer

first dance kiss Motu Tiahura

more more dancing on Motu Tiahura

bridal party dance for the groom and guests

lifiting the bride up during the dancing Motu Tiahura

groom and his party dancing for the bride and guest on Motu Tiahura Moorea and Tahiti

more dancing from the groom Motu Tiahura Tahiti Moorea

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