The Different Styles of Wedding Photography

The different styles of wedding photography that brides-to-be need to know when searching for their photographer. It’s hard to find the perfect wedding photographer when you’re not even sure what style of photography you prefer, though. Explore these different Styles of Wedding Photography to narrow down the type of photos you’re after.

Classic or Traditional

This style is timeless and heavily focuses on posed portraits to put into an album. Most of the time, your photographer will work off a basic shot list. Assistants work to adjust photography equipment, background details, body alignment, and attire. Classic wedding photography requires a lot of input from the photographer, which is ideal for couples that want to be told how to pose.

Styles of Wedding Photography Classical


Traditional photographers have the practiced precision that portraiture requires. Formal, posed photos can include one or more people. Fine art portraiture can be a bit more edgy, thanks to interesting angles and dramatic lighting. Sometimes, couples want to make sure that they have portraits of their entire wedding party, plus close family members. Search for a traditional wedding photographer who specialises in portrait photography.

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This type of photography is commonly used for engagement shoots, but can be employed during weddings, too. Combining classic and photojournalism techniques, the photographer will also put emphasis on the background, composition and lighting. Subjects are put in interesting environments and encouraged to relax. As the subjects interact, the photographer can take technically controlled shots that look like candids.

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This type of informal, realistic photography isn’t just for the media anymore. Photojournalistic photographers don’t pose their subjects, but instead, capture events and moments as they naturally unfold. The photographer will fade into the background in order to get plenty of candid shots. This type of wedding photography tells a story. One of the best perks of photojournalism wedding photography is that your wedding won’t resemble anybody else’s; instead, it will be completely unique.

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High Fashion

Commercial photographers who are also experienced at shooting weddings can take striking photos that emphasise both the bride and her attire. For artistic, glamorous photos, find a photographer with a background in fashion photography.

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Natural Light

Instead of using a camera flash, natural light photographers use only the daylight. If the photographer is skilled in dealing with shadows and various lighting challenges, the photos will turn out warm and organic. This type of photography is best suited to outdoor weddings.

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