Spencer House Wedding Photography

Spencer House Wedding Photography; In the St. James’ neighbourhood of London, England, at 27 St. James’ Place, there is a historic mansion called Spencer House. The mansion is a Grade I listing on England’s National Heritage List. Meetings, lunches, dinners, receptions, and small weddings are all held in London’s magnificent and historic Spencer House. The estate is exclusively rented to each client and is suitable for private and business gatherings.

As a London wedding photographer, the breathtaking grandeur of this mansion inspires me greatly. There are so many unique places for spectacular photographs!

The surrounding area is also perfect for your portraiture since the estate is very close to Hyde Park, The Ritz, Buckingham Palace and Green Park – stunning locations to introduce variety in addition to your Spencer House wedding photography.

bride and groom hugging after the first kiss

Spencer House

Spencer House is London’s most spectacular aristocratic palace from the eighteenth century. This greatest surviving townhouse in London was constructed between 1756 and 1766 for John, the first Earl Spencer – an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961–1997). 

The Painted Room, the most significant interior of the house, had a detailed examination by Virtu Conservation conservators during their August shutdown. The chamber is decorated with excellent wall paintings from the early 1760s, created by James “Athenian” Stuart. Unfortunately, before the home was completely rebuilt in the early 1990s, the room sustained substantial damage due to World War II area bombing and subsequent water damage.

I always encourage my couples to take some time and savour the mansion’s beauty while I take their intimate portraits. Due to its historical allure, the marvellous interior will infuse your Spencer House wedding photos with regal flair, channelling opulent elegance.

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Spencer House Weddings

The Spencer House Dining Room is authorised to host civil wedding ceremonies for up to 90 guests. Guests are seated theatre-style, with the wedding party’s access provided by a central aisle. Regarding the Ground Floor, it can easily accommodate up to 250 of your loved ones, and with the Terrace, during the warmer months, the number can go up to 450. The Terrace, in the centre of London, can be used with the State Rooms for summer celebrations and offers views of the garden and Green Park.

This venue also provides additional options. On the Terrace, a covered marquee or awning may be constructed. While your guests cannot access the lawn below, the garden does offer a perfect spot for musicians to perform, and your loved ones may take in the show from the comfort of the Terrace. Because you can host your ceremony and reception in one place, that will allow for a seamless unfolding of your event. In addition, you don’t have to worry about transport from one place to another, which will reduce your wedding day stress.

Additionally, Spencer House is one of the few locations in London that can set up magnificent fireworks displays on the lawn for its patrons.

With my years of experience, I can capture the majesty of Spencer House and the magic of your brand-new marriage. So, if you decide to tie the knot in this gorgeous venue, I can assure you that you will always look back on your photos with nostalgia!

the wedding ceremony at Spencer House

Spencer House Wedding Photographer

You can count on me to provide the most unforgettable images achievable when you hire me to photograph your Spencer House wedding. I aim to capture every memorable part of your special day.

Thanks to my wealth of expertise in the wedding industry, you can count on me as an experienced London wedding photographer to make your special day as stress-free as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me for my services, and if you need more venue inspiration, feel free to browse my blog!

the confetti walk in the grounds


Spencer House Wedding Photography of {T} & {K}

I received a frantic call from {T}. Her wedding photographer had just cancelled on her. Luckily, she had fallen in love with my photographs. We chatted, and she quickly asked me to be her Spencer Houser Wedding Photographer!

The wedding day arrived, and as always, I arrived very early. This was my first time at Spencer House, and the exterior and interior bowled me over. Not only that, but also the history of Spencer House.

It was a very bright sunny day and the perfect weather for the wedding. The beautiful light allowed me to capture beautifully lit moments and emotions. It was a very emotional day. The bride’s family is from Korea; some of their family and friends flew from Korea for the wedding. The groom is Polish; his family, including his parents, had flown from Poland for the wedding.

The beauty was that the groom’s parents only knew a small amount of English, but that never mattered once. It was clear that the couple loved each other and how much their families and friends integrated, making it a special wedding!

Thanks to my friend and ace second photographer, Al, for his hard work and help!

Spencer House

Inside Spencer House

inside Spencer House

crying bride at Spencer House

getting ready at Spencer House

fun interaction between the bride's mum and brother

bride taking photographs of the decor at the start of the day

groom and best man having a drink

groom reading a letter from the bride

groom and best man getting ready

bride's mum having tea during prep

guests arriving for the wedding ceremony

guests waiting for the start of the wedding ceremony

guests mingling before the wedding ceremony

bride and bridesmaid finishing touches before the wedding ceremony

guests having fun at Spencer House

bride and sister finishing touches

Spencer House Wedding Photography

Spencer House Wedding Photographer

bride and sister hugging

bridal portrait at Spencer House

bridal portrait at Spencer House

bridal portrait

bridal portrait

first look between the bride and the father of the bride

bride and father of the bride walking to the ceremony

groom waiting for his bride

emotional bride as she walks down the aisle

groom grinning as bride walks down the aisle

father of the bride handing his daughter to the groom

groom kissing the bride's hand at Spencer House

the wedding ceremony

joyful tears of the bride

bridesmaid wiping away tears

emotions of bride's family

bride reading her vows

emotional bride reading her vows

emotional bride during the vows

groom's family react to the vows

bridal portrait on the grounds of Spencer House

joyful bride at the end of her vows

Spencer House Wedding Photography

The first kiss

the bride and groom kissing

hugging at the wedding ceremony

the recessional at Spencer House

the bride and groom chatting with video guests

the confetti walk

lots of confetti

confetti at the wedding

confetti on the bride's dress

bride and groom kissing after the confetti

hugs after the wedding ceremony

guests at the drinks reception

guests at wedding drinks reception

father of the groom chatting with guests

children having fun during the wedding drinks reception

bride and groom portrait

bridal portrait on the grounds of Spencer House

couple portrait on the grounds of Spencer House

bridal portrait

couple portraits at Spencer House

bridal portrait

bridal portrait on the grounds of Spencer House

guests at the wedding reception

the bride and groom make their entrance at the wedding reception

guests clapping the bride and groom's entrance

guests playing party games at the wedding reception

children playing on the iPad

groom's speech

parents and best man's reaction to the groom's speech

the bride and her families reaction to the groom's speech

reaction of the best man's speech

best man's speech

best man's wedding speech

the bride's speech

bride's sister emotional reaction to the bride's speech

bride's mum emotional during the bride's speech

crying guest during the bride's speech

best man's reaction

The cake spencer house wedding photography

Wedding Cake spencer house wedding photography

Spencer House Wedding Cake

guests reaction during the cake cut spencer house wedding photograper

parents watching the cake cut at Spencer House

the cake cut at Spencer House

the first dance at Spencer House

Spencer House Wedding Photographer

dancing at Spencer House

the groom crowdsurfing spencer house wedding photography

the groom crowdsurfing spencer house wedding photography

the groom crowdsurfing spencer house wedding photography

the bride crowdsurfing spencer house wedding photography

couple portraits spencer house wedding photography