Pre-Wedding Surrey Photography

Pre-Wedding Surrey Photography. {M} and {K}, a serving soldier, will marry at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

To help us get to know each other better in preparation for their special day, we headed to Alice Holt Park for an afternoon of fun and photos. Alice Holt Park is a sprawling woodland owned by the Forestry Commission.

The ancient trees are intertwined with miles of meandering footpaths, fast-paced cycle paths and child-friendly play areas. We chose this location in Surrey for pre-wedding photography for two reasons.

Firstly, the various outdoor backdrops perfectly reflected {M} and {K}’s adventurous spirits and active lifestyles. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, thanks to the park’s dog-friendly policies, the couple’s beautiful black Labrador was able to join us.

Pre-wedding photography shoots help me to get the best from the couple on their wedding day. Many people can feel awkward or uncomfortable when they stand in front of a camera. Combine this with wedding-day nerves, and it’s unsurprising that some wedding photos can look stiff or robotic.

As the day progressed, it became easier to capture relaxed, spontaneous images until, eventually, even the dog completely disregarded my camera’s presence.

Pre-Wedding Photographer in Surrey

 These photographs also provide a stable platform to plan their wedding photographs.

Without seeing the different photography styles first hand, it can be challenging for a couple to explain to me what they want. Now we can base our planning on the selection of beautiful images captured at Alice Holt Park.

As is usual for my pre-wedding and engagement photography sessions, I let the couple take the lead on where we go and what we do. {M} and {K} wanted to spend the first part of the day enjoying a walk with their dog and have photographs of the beautiful natural landscape of the park.

As we headed towards the evening, it was time to shrug off their casual clothes and get dressed up in something a little more formal. It allowed me to photograph {M} having her makeup done.

Later we took some romantic photographs, with the help of the gently fading light and a couple of glasses of fizz. By now, {M} had kicked off her comfortable walking boots and put on killer high heels so we couldn’t venture too far from the picnic rug. After such an enjoyable day, I was pleased to see the results of the shoot.

The relaxed style and natural backdrops of the pictures will provide an exciting contrast to the more formal wedding photographs from the Royal Military Academy.

Surrey Wedding Photographer

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Surrey Pre-Wedding Photography

Surrey Pre-Wedding Photography

Surrey Pre-Wedding Photography

Surrey Pre-Wedding Photography

Surrey Pre-Wedding Photography