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As a Nepalese Wedding Photographer in Kent, I know Nepalese wedding ceremonies are lavish, long – some take up to four days – and laden with tradition. I recently had the pleasure of shooting Anita and Deep’s wedding, which in true big, Nepali-wedding style, occurred over three days and featured a variety of colourful rituals and rites at different locations.

Day One – The Religious Ceremony

The first day started early with bridal and groom preparations at the couple’s respective family homes in Folkestone and Maidstone. Both Anita and Deep wore red and gold traditional Nepalese wedding garments. Alongside natural shots of the couple’s preparations, I took the opportunity to take a series of bridal portraits. Anita’s poised expression, along with the position of her veil and hands create a vivid, striking image.

The bride and groom then made their way to the Royal Gurkha Rifles Barracks in Shorncliffe which contains a small Hindu temple. Anita arrived first, followed by Deep heading up the groom’s vibrant wedding procession (known as the Janti). The religious ceremony began with the Kanyadaan, a significant Hindu ritual where the father of the bride gives away his daughter. In the images, this is where a yellow cloth is placed in front of the groom. Deep was then presented with several gifts, including small amounts of grass, rice and sandalwood.

Family members blessed the union by placing rice on Anita and Deep’s foreheads before the couple exchanged mallas – flower garlands – and wedding rings. A length of white cloth (the Gath-bandhan) was tied around the couple, symbolising the link between Anita and Deep. The wedding party moved outside for the exchange of vows in front of a holy fire. Back inside, the groom applied sindoor – a traditional orange-red powder – to Anita’s hair parting.

The main religious aspects of the ceremony complete, a visibly relaxed and happy Anita and Deep undertook one of the final rituals – Anita feeding her new husband and herself a blend of ghee, honey and yoghurt. Following the ceremony, the couple journeyed to another venue for Deep to meet and exchange well-wishes with Anita’s family members. At the end of the meeting, tradition has it that the groom takes his new wife to his family home. When the moment came to leave, happy emotions turned to tears as Anita said goodbye.

Day Two – The Groom’s Reception Party

The Groom’s party started with members of the bride’s family bringing gifts of flowers, fruit and money. The party then moved onto a large reception venue lavishly decorated in traditional red and gold. As well as cutting a rose-covered wedding cake, guests gave speeches and as day turned to night, a heady mix of traditional and modern dancing began. What struck me was the rich, jewel tones of the women’s outfits – the flashes of colour bring a real energy to the final photographs.

Day Three – The Bride’s Reception Party

Anita’s Reception party was held in an elegant marquee and comprised a similar blend of speeches, cake cutting and dancing.During the day, I managed to steal a moment to take creative wedding portraits of Anita and Deep. One favourite shows the newly-weds holding each other lit only by fairy lights. It captures an intimate, quiet moment between them amid the bustle of the party.

Thank you to Anita and Deep for allowing me to capture your amazing wedding days!


Groom Getting Ready Nepalese Wedding Photography

Bridal Prep Nepalese Wedding Photography

Nepalese Wedding Photography Groom Puja

Nepalese Wedding Photography Groom Puja Blessing

Nepalese Wedding Photography Bridal Portrait

Nepalese Wedding Photography Groom about to leave for the religious ceremony

Nepalese Wedding Photography Great Light

Nepalese Wedding Photography Bride and grandma

Nepalese Wedding Photography Bridal Portrait


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