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Morden Hall Park Wedding Photography. As a Surrey Wedding Photographer, working at some of the UK’s largest and most grand of venues, I’m used to photographing large crowds; to gathering friends and family from different places at the right times, and to keep my cool amongst the hustle and bustle of the celebrations.

Makeda and Kase’s wedding at Morden Hall Park was quite an unusual event for me – the couple invited just 20 guests to their ceremony.

In their own words, they chose to ‘travel light’, and wanted a very intimate ceremony with their closest friends and family.

My day began in Wimbledon with Makeda and her Mum, just a short distance from the venue and a quick journey from home for a London Wedding Photographer like myself.

It was during these preparations that I got a feel for the day – I felt it was going to be a very emotional day and yet full of vibrant and bold personalities, and I was right.

The raw emotion came as Makeda honoured her beloved father during the wedding preparations who had sadly passed away.

The personality was evident when I saw Makeda doing her bridal makeup, and realised that, as a talented artist, Makeda had done much of the wedding herself, including making her beautiful bouquet!

It was lovely to see so much of the bride’s personality in every aspect of the wedding, right from start to finish.

Makeda and Kase chose to marry at the Merton Register Office in Morden Hall Park – a stunning 18th-century building located amongst breathtaking surroundings that shows off some classic Georgian architecture.

The venue boasts a rich history, having been used as a luxurious property for the upper classes back in the early 1900s, and as an industrial base later on, which is why you’ll find several restored mills located around the grounds.

Morden Hall Park Wedding Photographer

Although this venue shines all year round, it’s a real favourite of wedding photographers in Surrey when the sun is shining, as it allows us to get the couple out and about and make use of those incredible natural backdrops.

Following the ceremony, Makeda and Kase held an intimate reception at a local restaurant, and, after a few days to recharge, it was back to celebrate once more.

The couple held a bigger celebration at their church a few days after their Morden Hall Park Wedding, a much busier affair than the party atmosphere of their Morden Hall Park Wedding celebrations.

Makeda entered in a bold pink dress which is when her Caribbean flair shone brightly, complimenting Kase’s splashes of colour – a nod to his Ghanaian origins.

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