As a Surrey Wedding Photographer, I’m proud to be listed as one of the Top Ten Best Wedding Photographers in the UK and Ireland, as recognised by The Masters of Wedding Photography.

The Masters of Wedding Photography, UK and Ireland is a contest for wedding photographers in the UK and Ireland.

Every year, there are four rounds of competitions for which wedding photographers can submit their images.

So, wedding photographers in the UK and Ireland submit their best photos every three months to participate in a round of the competition.

The judging panel changes every round and is a selection of the best wedding photographers from around the world, and they select the most outstanding wedding photographs.

(I have been lucky enough to be a past judge of The Master of Wedding Photography for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, a contest for the best wedding photographers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg).

More than 400 wedding photographers were submitting nearly 4,000 images each round. So winning one award is extremely difficult. I’m proud to have received eight awards in one round, making me the winner of the quarter (the most number of awards in one round) and also helping me to be in the Top Ten Wedding Photographers at the end of the year.

Savill Court Hotel

masters of wedding photography savill court hotel

Froyle Park 

masters of wedding photography froyple park hugs

Chateau De Berne

masters of wedding photography chateau de berne

Froyle Park

masters of wedding photography froyle park koda kodi

The Royal Horticultural House

masters of wedding photography horticultural halls

The Mere Hotel – Sikh Wedding Photographer

masters of wedding photography sikh wedding photographer

Preston Court Hotel

masters of wedding photography preston park

Kathmandu Nepal

masters of wedding photography kathmandu engagement photos

masters of wedding photography top 10 winner

masters of wedding photography logo


Award-Winning Wedding Photographer Surrey

You can take a peek at more of my award-winning photos. Please do get in touch if you’re looking for an experienced wedding photographer.