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Hi, I’m Soven, an international multi-award-winning London wedding photographer eager to capture your happiest moments in the most relaxed way! I capture natural, emotion-filled moments and make beautiful wedding photographs.

While incredibly beautiful, I know how stressful weddings in London can get, especially when it comes to photography. You’ve spent months planning your most special day, so naturally, you want every moment captured uniquely, allowing you to revisit it whenever you feel like it. However, I know once the camera gets in front of you, anxious feelings may come in like the biggest tidal wave, overwhelming you beyond comparison. With me, that is out of the question!

You want to have a fun-filled wedding with your friends and family, enjoying all the emotions and moments of your wedding celebrations relaxed and natural. The belly laughs, the tears of joy, the big bear hugs, and everything in between. The emotions and moments that remain with you forever.

Jewish Wedding Confetti at Northbrook Park
Indian Wedding Photography Koda Kodi
Sparklers in Tahiti

As a London wedding photographer, I strive to capture your celebration’s most authentic moments. Those are the best ones, are they not? Rest assured, I’ll photograph every kiss and embrace tears of joy or laughter you can hear from the photograph, almost as if your most cherished day never stopped.  And don’t worry – we’ll also set some time aside for striking portraits that are very relaxed and always reflect your personality; nothing is forced, and I won’t ever expect you to do something that doesn’t feel natural.

Simply put, with a relaxed atmosphere and the friendliest approach, your wedding photographs in London will be what dreams are made of.

My relaxed approach to capturing all these unforgettable moments and emotions means you will receive beautiful and heartfelt photographs of your wedding celebrations.

Recognised by Top Publications and Prestigious Awards


The photographs are AMAZING Soven!!
Perfect day perfectly captured!!

wow! xx”

~ Jade & John

Award-Winning Wedding Photography

Surrey Wedding Photographer
The Painted Hall Wedding

Booking Me As Your London Wedding Photographer

As a London wedding photographer, I only have one goal – to take entirely unstaged photographs of your celebration. I focus on you and your guests, capturing those spontaneous moments of emotion sprinkled throughout a wedding day.

The emotion on the face of the bride’s father as he sees her for the first time, the tension in the face of the groom as he waits nervously for the bride, the biggest bear hug from your best friend, over the moon to see you married. Precious moments, all captured forever.

In all that euphoria, you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget significant moments, so looking back on them whenever you please is truly an invaluable treasure.

This is exactly why I love documentary-style photography. I will capture all those special moments that made your London wedding uniquely yours so you can relax and enjoy every part of your celebration without worrying about how your photographs will end up. 

The couple walking after the Confetti at Pennyhill Park
Arrival of the bride in Ibiza
Couple Portrait at Buckhurst Park

Primarily, I’m a London wedding photographer, but I’m available to travel all over the UK and internationally for you! I’ve photographed iconic and historical buildings such as The Painted Hall in Greenwich and Kew Gardens in Kew. 

I have also photographed overseas weddings in beautiful locations such as Lake Como, Tuscany, Tahiti, and more. Overseas weddings have a special place in my heart, after all!

Also, you needn’t worry about the style of your wedding and venue! Whether you’ve planned your special day in the heart of the ever-majestic English countryside or the most ornate French Chateau, I’ll ensure your memories are preserved with the utmost attention to detail.

Wedding Photographer Surrey

Weddings As A London Wedding Photographer

As an experienced multi-award-winning London Wedding Photographer, I believe a mix of documentary-style and editorial wedding photography is perfect for you – allow me to clarify.

As gorgeous as they are, editorial photographs can sometimes lack one essential aspect – emotion. Typically, these photographs are based on the photographer’s preferences, leaving no room to accentuate what made your wedding in London truly special.

This is a complete 180 with documentary-style wedding photography! Here, heavy posing is nowhere to be seen – unless a sly bridesmaid catches my lens and gives me a magazine-worthy pose. The focal point (pun intended!) for this photography style is the raw emotions of the event.

Every twirl of the first dance, the tears your dad tries so desperately to hide once he sees you, the slight and genuinely hilarious stumble, and so much more are captured exactly as they are – real, honest, and human. You should strive for this in your wedding photographs in London!

However, I can’t deny the beauty of editorial portraits of you, the couple, and the group photographs (and I believe you can’t either), so you’ll get all of them if you book me as your London Wedding Photographer!

I want you to have your day exactly as you’ve envisioned. For that reason, once we meet, discuss your vision and who you are as a couple to the tiniest detail, thus helping me create photographs you’ll cherish forever.

London Wedding Photographer

Who Is Your London Wedding Photographer?

To learn what you’ll expect from your London wedding photographer (me), allow me to tell you a bit about myself!

As corny as it sounds, my life changed once I picked up a professional camera. Ever since I put my eye through that lens, it almost felt like I was destined to see the world through it.

So that’s exactly what I did! I followed my passion and ended up in the world of wedding photography, and I thank my lucky stars every day for it! Every couple and celebration I shoot are one-of-a-kind and leaves a special mark on me, and I can’t wait to see what we create together.

Wedding Photographer at Lillibrooke Manor

Award-Winning London Wedding Photographer

Because of my hard work and dedication to perfectly capturing the couple’s vision, I deliver artistic wedding photographs in London that vibrate with love, realism, and emotion. Aside from my truly invaluable couples, my work has been recognised and awarded by many professional organisations and international blogs.

With that, how would you like to have one of the best London Wedding Photographers and one of the top-rated in the UK?

Wedding Photographer Surrey Hylands House Masters

Getting Married in London?

Since you’ve landed here, you’re most likely envisioning your London wedding. I know the planning part may have raised some cause for concern, but trust me – you have made the best life decision!

What makes planning so hard is the abundance of venues you have available! Everyone is unique in their own right, so it’s no wonder it’s so hard to choose.

Thanks to my experience, I will provide suggestions that sway your mind! From suburban nurseries like the Petersham Nurseries to majestic gardens like the inimitable Kew Gardens, the Royal Capital is abundant with ethereal nature-adorned spaces. On the other hand, you have soaring skyscrapers like The Gherkin and centuries-old churches like St Bride’s Church, so you can go all out with your creativity and truly have the wedding of your dreams!

P.S. I’ve been dreaming of photographing gorgeous London weddings at the Bulgari Hotel and The Asylum, so if you have your eye on those, I’m your photographer!

With that, there’s nothing left for me to say aside from you should consider me as your London wedding photographer. Contact me and ask anything that might interest you about my services.

And know one thing for sure – together, we’ll create magic!

Below are some more iconic London Wedding venues where I have photographed weddings

London Wedding Photography at The Painted Hall

The Painted Hall Speech

Located within the famous Maritime Greenwich UNESCO World Heritage site, the Old Royal Naval College is among London’s most iconic and spectacular landmarks.

I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings at the historic Admiral’s House, the very beautiful Chapel, and the jaw-dropping and world-renowned Painted Hall.

The Painted Hall was painted by Sir John Thornhill over 19 years and has recently undergone restoration work.

It’s a truly spectacular backdrop for your wedding.

The Corinthia Hotel

The married couple at The Corinthia Hotel

The Corinthia Hotel in London is a former British Government building. It used to be the home of the Ministry of Defence and is now one of the most impressive hotels in London.

The London hotel is rumoured to be a favourite for celebrities such as George Clooney and Rihanna and football teams like Manchester United. When I photographed a wedding at The Corinthia Hotel, I ran into Russell Peters.

I’m also proud to have won awards for photographs at The Corinthia.

Claridge’s Hotel, London

London Wedding Photographer

Claridge’s Hotel is located in the heart of Mayfair, and its reputation was cemented in 1860 when Empress Eugénie, the last empress of France, entertained Queen Victoria at the hotel.

Well-known celebrities have stayed at this world-famous hotel, including Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, and Brad Pitt.

As a London Wedding Photographer, I have been fortunate to have photographed many weddings and Bar-Mitzvah at this prestigious hotel.

There are a number of locations and catering options at Claridge’s Hotel, making it a popular choice for weddings.


London Wedding Photographer at Kew Gardens

Portrait at The Queen's Garden Kew Gardens

​Kew Gardens is a unique and world-famous venue within easy reach of central London.

The stunning gardens, with their iconic greenhouses and buildings, will make an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding celebrations.

I’ve had the privilege of being the wedding photographer at this beautiful wedding venue.

With so many options available at Kew Gardens, it’s a perfect location for the wedding of your dreams.


The Berkeley Hotel

London Wedding Photographer

The Berkeley Hotel is another favourite on a long list of iconic London hotels that are perfect wedding venues and is located in the exquisite surroundings of Belgravia and Knightsbridge, right next to Hyde Park.

It also has the advantage of being surrounded by streets that are ideal backdrops for romantic portraits.

One Great George Street
London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photographer

One Great George Street is a stunning Edwardian building located in the heart of Westminster. It’s right next door to the Houses of Parliament.

It’s an exquisite four-domed, Grade II listed building that was first opened to the public in 1989 after previously being solely used as headquarters for the Institution of Civil Engineers.

This impressive building is now an exclusive wedding venue with the benefit of being close to St James’ Park, a perfect portrait location.

The Landmark Hotel

London Wedding Photographer

The Landmark Hotel is another of London’s iconic hotels.

My first visit here was before I became a wedding photographer, and I remember stepping into the main concourse area and being in awe of the palm trees.

It is a stunning venue that combines timeless elegance with 5-star luxury and has various locations for wedding celebrations.


“You made it look so easy even though it was without a doubt stressful.

Happy we found you!!”



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