London Engagement Shoot | Eisu + Marty

Eisu and Marty had an incredible London Engagement Shoot and I am excited to share selected photos from the day.

I met Eisu and Marty through a common friend, Numa, whose wedding I was lucky to shoot. You can view Numa and Rajat’s Paris Engagement Shoot here and their Froyle Park Wedding Photography.

London being London, we weren’t sure what kind of London engagement shoot it would be. Would it be sunny? would it rain? would it hail (yes, it can happen in London)? Luckily for us, it a warm sunny day. Eisu and Marty wanted a relaxed shoot, visiting landmarks that were special to them. The first such landmark was Gaucho. Eisu and Marty had their first meal together there, but it wasn’t classed as a date. That happened a little later.

We then meandered our way to the Jamaica Wine House, one of Marty’s particular favourite drinking venues. The photos taken here are some of my favourites from this London Engagement Shoot.

Then we headed to one of London’s well-known markets, Leadenhall, which dates back to the 14th century and was the centre of Roman London. Along with modern boutiques, there is also fresh foods, such as cheese, and poultry.

Eisu was very keen for us to photograph her and Marty with Tower Bridge, one of London’s most iconic landmarks, in the background. We stopped off at The Folly Bar for a quick drink and a relaxed talk about the wedding day. I would definitely recommend stopping here for a drink.

The rest of the London Engagement Shoot took place around Tower Bridge. Eisu and Marty rocked the day, and although they were nervous at the start, the pair were naturals in front of the camera. Thanks to Gabriela Matei for helping capture some great moments.

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at The Corinthia Hotel, London soon.

Here are some of the photos from Eisu and Marty’s London Engagement Shoot.

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0001

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0002

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0004 Leadenhall Market

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0005 Leadenhall Market

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0006

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0007 Tower Bridge

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0008 Tower Bridge

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0009 London Bridge

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0010 London Bridge

London Engagement Shoot Eisu-Marty_0011 Tower Bridge

London Engagement Shoot London Wedding Photographer Tower Bridge

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