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Knightsbridge Engagement Photography. As a working Wedding Photographer in Surrey, it is always a pleasure travelling into London for a photo shoot, whether it is weddings or pre-weddings, such as this one.

Working with Magda and Tanoj was an absolute pleasure, although they certainly kept me busy.

As with many of the couples I work with, they wanted a London Wedding Photographer for their pre-wedding shoot in the City of London, as well as photographing their Micklefield Hall wedding.

We started the London Photography Engagement shoot at night, and I relished the opportunity to work in this urban environment under a variety of challenging lighting conditions.

Micklefield Hall Photography

The vibrant lighting contrasting against the dark skies provided a dramatic backdrop for some stunning romantic images.

Micklefield Hall is a beautiful rural wedding venue in Hertfordshire.

Based on my knowledge and experience of the venue, I knew the wedding photography would feature landscaped gardens, the rustic barn, and even views across the adjacent meadow.

London Engagement Photography

The engagement photography in London allowed me to create some stunning contrasting urban images to complement their wedding album.

Magda was dressed in a chic black evening dress and occasionally shielded herself from the cold with a smart checked jacket.

Tanoj complimented her outfit beautifully by dressing in a dark suit with a striped shirt.

We left the top button undone and tie off to create a relaxed look. Besides, there will be plenty of time for stiff collars and formal dress in the wedding photographs at Micklefield Hall.

We explored the streets in search of movie-style backdrops and London icons like the classic red bus and lit London Underground sign. At the end of the London Engagement Shoot, the couple were naturals in front of the camera.

Especially impressive was their ability to ignore the distraction of the hustle and bustle of city life that surrounded them.

London Engagement Photographer

For the video, casual was most certainly the order of the day.

I don’t want to give away the details, on the off-chance, it becomes a surprise box-office hit, but suffice to say there was an ample supply of Nerf weaponry and cycling lycra.

The video was played to guests before the wedding ceremony at Micklefield Hall, and this worked brilliantly to set the tone for the day.

Often the wedding guests don’t begin to relax until after the ceremony when they are free to mingle during the photographs.

Showing the video before Magda’s arrival helped friends and family enter into the joyful spirit of the day, and enjoy the experience from the very beginning.

I have enjoyed my time working with Magda and Tanoj a great deal.

I relished the opportunity to conduct their pre-wedding photography in London at night, and to collaborate creatively with them on their pre-wedding video.

I wish them every happiness now and in the future.

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Pre-Wedding London Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding London Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding London Wedding Photography