Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer

I have been a Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer for over a decade! Apart from being magnificent, the versatility of the Kew Gardens is nothing short of impressive. Its diversity allows couples to have their most cherished moments in unique locations, all adorned with their set of intricacies. In other words, you can get creative with your settings for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, resulting in beautiful and unique Kew Gardens wedding photography that will hold a permanent residence in your heart.

To give you a better insight into what you can expect from having a Kew Gardens wedding, we’re highlighting the ideal spaces for hosting all the significant events from your special day. As previously mentioned, all of the settings that are part of this magnificent establishment are authentic in their own right, so you can expect nothing less than elegance and dazzling romantic allure, resulting in an event that will beat even your wildest expectations.

If you’re planning to get married at Kew Gardens and looking for a Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer, then I’d love to hear about your celebrations!!!

Kew Gardens Golden Hour Portrait

“We received so many compliments from our guests on how dedicated you are”

We just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to you for capturing all the amazing moments at our pre-events and wedding & reception at Kew Gardens. Both Rusheel & myself had the most incredible time throughout the week, and we are so happy that you were there to photograph all those special moments! We greatly appreciate all the work you both put into making our day go so smoothly, including working with SW Events so efficiently behind the scenes.

We received so many compliments from our guests on how dedicated you are to taking photographs from all angles and ensuring that anyone who wanted a photo got one!

Medha & Rusheel

Kew Gardens – Ceremony Spaces 

The ceremony marks where you will exchange your vows, so choosing a memorable setting is essential. Luckily, the Gardens have two impeccable spaces, both of which are perfect for celebrating this milestone!

Nash Conservatory

Nash Conservatory at Kew Gardens

Firstly, the Nash Conservatory is a gorgeous 19th-century glasshouse adorned with soaring columns and vaulted ceilings. Due to the abundance of windows practically all around the conservatory, your Kew Gardens wedding photography will have a special glow you will surely appreciate.

Cambridge Cottage

Cambridge Cottage Wedding at Kew Gardens

On the other hand, if you prefer something more unconventional and intimate for your wedding at Kew Gardens, we suggest the magnificent Cambridge Cottage, which boasts a capacity for up to 120 guests. The Drawing Room and Gallery of the Cottage are designed in a so-called ‘relaxed elegance’ and open to the Duke’s Garden, providing a lush natural backdrop for the most striking wedding photographs.

Kew Gardens – Cocktail Hour Spaces

Once the ceremony ends and you are officially married, Kew Gardens provides several spaces for your drinks reception. Much like the ceremony spaces, you’ll find great pleasure knowing that the Gardens are abundant with settings where guests can mingle until the wedding reception starts.

Lawns outside The Nash Conservatory

If you opt for the Nash Conservatory, the most convenient option is to host a cocktail hour on the intimate lawn that’s part of it. It’s serene yet sophisticated, so consider including a string quartet to give your guests the ultimate experience.

The lawn next to The Nash Conservatory

The Princess of Wales Conservatory

You can decide on the Princess of Wales Conservatory. This setting is bolder than the previous option since it has over ten climate zones! Allow this space’s vibrancy and colourful loudness to make your Kew Gardens wedding photography simply spectacular!

The Princess of Wales Conservatory
Jewish wedding at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens – Reception Spaces

The reception space is where all your guests will celebrate your milestone in all its glory! 

Temperate House

We recommend the beautiful Temperate House – an opulent Victorian glasshouse enriched with over 10,000 plant species, making the event space remarkable. Temperate House provides stunning features that you cannot see elsewhere. It can give you the perfect backdrop adorned with natural intricacies. If authenticity is the goal of your big day, then look no further than this magical place. The lavish greenery around you will make your wedding reception breathtaking. It is a spot with treasures that will add a majestic touch to your lifelong memories. 

Temperate House Wedding Photography
Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer
Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer

The Orangery

Finally, if you dream of a large setting where you can dance the night away from your Kew Gardens wedding, we suggest the beautiful Orangery, which is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Simply put, this reception space is what dreams are made of!

The Orangery Wedding Photographer

“Really glad we found you to capture our wedding week 😊

Kanika & Sid

If you can envision your special day at this venue and need an experienced Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer: Creating Memories in Stunning Surroundings 

Consider commemorating your special celebrations in a natural setting if you marry in London. Through my Kew Gardens wedding photography experience, we have realised that there aren’t many more spectacular than this place. The gardens provide stunning scenery, a glorious atmosphere, and breathtaking natural elements. The gardens’ rich history and paradisiacal setting are everything you need for an unforgettable wedding celebration. 

Kew Gardens offers several locations which you can choose for your portraits. The versatility of this botanical heaven allows you to pick a spot that will give you the dreamy photographs you desire. Kew Gardens is the ultimate venue that can help you create something unique.

Couple Portraits at the Surreal Palm House 

Palm House may be one of the most remarkable parts of Kew Gardens. The astounding indoor rainforest with abundant tropical plants makes a wondrous backdrop for your couple portraits, and the resulting Kew Gardens wedding photography is sure to be mesmerising. The ambience is surreal because you feel like you are in a natural forest. 

As a Kew Gardens wedding photographer, this atmosphere is the perfect setting for your love story. The grandiose stairs inside the Palm House make an ideal spot for fabulous portraits of the bride and groom, while the paths are perfect for spontaneous romantic shots. In short, the sole atmosphere of the Palm House makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. So, your wedding photographs will be astounding. 

Couple portrait opposite Palm House
Couple Portrait at Palm House Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer

Portraits at The Glorious Queen’s Garden 

Kew Gardens wedding photography is all about royal and elegant features. The Queen’s Garden is one of the most sophisticated and stunning places for a bridal photoshoot. With its beautiful setting, you can create magnificent memories that will stay with you forever. Moreover, the Garden’s surroundings allow you to accentuate the features of your bridal appeal. Your attire for your big day will look majestic in such an ambience. 

The Queen’s Garden was designed to highlight nature’s beauty and architecture. This fantastic blend of natural and artificial elements makes breathtaking weddings in Kew Gardens. If you plan your celebrations in spring or summer, you have just found the venue of your dreams. Queen’s Garden is home to numerous unique plant species, and its colourfulness will add authenticity to your portraits. 

Although I have been a Kew Gardens wedding photographer for years, I am constantly impressed whenever I work there. The romantic paths, the astonishing arches, the glorious fountains, and the spectacular landscapes can add a glamorous touch to your couples’ portraits. 

The Queen's Garden Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens Wedding Photography
The Queen's Gardens
Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer

Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer – Portraits at Kew Palace & The Royal Treasures 

A little history is always good for spectacular Kew Gardens wedding photography. Kew Palace is a place that was immensely loved and enjoyed by the King and his Queen, Charlotte. So, when you decide to have your portraits in this part of the gardens, it will be nothing short of exquisite. This location’s historical features and architectural treasures will add authenticity and allow you to create beautiful memories.

If you have always imagined getting married in a place of historical significance, you should not look any further. Besides its majestic views, the Kew Palace has a wondrous cottage built in the 18th century. It is a magnificent backdrop that will make your photographs impressive. As a Kew Gardens wedding photographer, I assure you this place will not disappoint you.  

Portrait at The Queen's Garden Kew Gardens

Portraits at The Breathtaking Woodland Garden and Temple of Aeolus 

Weddings in Kew Gardens mean choosing the most glorious natural settings you have seen. If you want to enter the world of magic, a celebration in the Woodland Garden and the Temple of Aeolus is the spot you are looking for. This part of the Gardens is known for breathtaking views and an incredible variety of plant species, designed to bring you the spirit of mountains and allow you to experience the fascinating world of colourful plant varieties. 

Planning a bridal photo session in the Woodland Garden will provide you with majestic landscapes that will be a perfect backdrop for your portraits. You will have the chance to admire some of the rarest sacred trees in the world and the lavish bushes surrounding the whole Garden. The impressive foliage is guaranteed if you plan your union in Spring or Autumn. It is a jaw-dropping spot for creating unforgettable mementoes for your big day.

The locations I mentioned offer excellent opportunities for creating iconic Kew Gardens wedding photography pieces. The breathtaking landscapes will ensure a memorable day, and your photographs will serve as a testament to your most precious moments. You deserve to celebrate your love uniquely and commemorate it as you imagined! 

Kew Gardens Wedding Photography

The baraat at the Kew Gardens
Getting ready at Kew Gardens
the bridal arriving for her wedding
hugs at the wedding
Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer
Temperate House Wedding Photographer
getting ready at Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer
arrival of the bride
Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer

If you have enjoyed exploring this magnificent venue through my words and lens, there is more from where this came from. To discover more about weddings in wondrous locations, please check out my Wedding Stories page.