Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer. Welcome to the Kathmandu Wedding Photography of {S} and {A}.

What can I say? Kathmandu! It was beautiful to be back again. It’s the city of my birth. I spent my formative years in Kathmandu.

I made three trips to Nepal in 2019, and this was my second trip. The first trip back to Kathmandu, after a nearly 8-year absence, reminded me how much I had forgotten about Kathmandu and Kathmandu life.

I was very emotional when I had to return to the UK.

So, I was extremely pleased when {A} approached me to be his wedding photographer in his marriage to his beautiful bride {S}. It didn’t take very long for us to agree that I would be their Kathmandu Wedding Photographer.

You can view their Kathmandu pre-wedding engagement photography.

I’m fortunate to have photographed several weddings in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal, such as this wedding photography in Nepal and another Kathmandu Wedding.

Kathmandu Valley


Yak Party Palace Wedding Photography

It’s traditional in Newari weddings for the groom to send gifts to the bride and her family a few days before the wedding, and it’s the actual engagement, commonly called the “Supari Diney” (which means ‘to give’) ceremony.

The “Supari Diney” ceremony was held upstairs at the Yak Party Palace. It’s not a day I will forget, as there was an Earthquake tremor during the Supari Diney ceremony.

Supari ceremony in Kathmandu

Classic Venue Wedding Photography

On the wedding day, the groom and his entourage of friends and family set off to the wedding ceremony with a musical band. However, the groom’s mother and her closest female family and friends do not attend the wedding.

The musical band plays while the groom and his entourage attend the wedding ceremony. This procession is called the Janti. The Janti is always a vibrant and loud experience.

The bride’s family, without the bride, greet the groom and his entourage with blessings. Once the preliminary greetings are over, the bride, with her mother and close relatives, makes their entrance.

Once the wedding ceremony is over, the bride and groom return to the groom’s home to meet the groom’s family.

Couple portrait in Kathmandu


Heritage Gardens Wedding Photography

We were at the Heritage Garden for the groom’s reception party a few days later. During this time, the bride and her family lay out the gifts the groom received during the Supari Diney.

Then, members of the bride’s family bless the bride or receive blessings (if they are younger).

Once done, it captured group photos of the guests and some dancing at the end.

couple portrait at Heritage Gardens

Here are some of my favourite Kathmandu Wedding Photographs;


The Kathmandu Valley

groom arriving

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

groom relaxing in Kathmandu

groom and sister in good spirits

the bride at the supari (gway) ceremony at the Yak Party Palace

Supari at Yak Party Palace

Gway ceremony at Yak Party Palace

Supari at the Yak Party Palace

Supari ceremony at Yak Party Palace

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

Wedding in Kathmandu

Gway ceremony in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Supari ceremony

Yak Party Palace Kathmandu Wedding

weddings at Yak Party Palace

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

Kathmandu Wedding Photography

putting tika on the groom

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

groom leaving for the wedding ceremony

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

weddings in Kathmandu

the groom with the janti in Kathmandu

The janti leaving for the wedding ceremony

Kathmandu weddings

the janti procession at Heritage Gardens Kathmandu

The Janri Kathmandu

groom arriving for the wedding at Heritage Gardens

groom taking his shoes off

bride's family trying to steal the groom's shoes

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Kathmandu

bride arriving for her wedding at heritage gardens wedding

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

guests looking on at the Heritage Gardens wedding

swapping garlands at Heritage Weddings

groom adding tika on the bride

the bride during the wedding ceremony

mukh herne at Heritage Gardens

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

emotional guests during the mukh herne ceremony

emotional bride, and two aunts during the mukh herne

the bride crying during the mukh herne

emotional bride and aunt during the mukh herne

crying bride at Heritage Gardens

guests looking on during the wedding ceremony

groom bartering for his shoes

guests taking a selfie in Kathmandu

crying bride's mum

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

mum and bride during the mukh herne

weddings in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Wedding Photography

groom's sisters having fun

groom getting his shoes back

guests having fun at the wedding

mum hugging the bride as she leaves

crying bride as she leaves

the bride leaving

emotional bride kathmandu

bride arriving at the groom's home

puja as the couple enter the groom's home

groom's family asking for money before the couple are allowed inside

groom giving money to his family to enter the home

Kathmandu Wedding Photography

Kathmandu Wedding Photographer

Kathmandu Couple Portraits

Kathmandu Wedding Photography

Kathmandu Wedding Photography

Heritage Gardens Wedding Photography

I have photographed several weddings in Kathmandu, and each has been truly unique and fantastic.

If you are thinking of having your wedding in Kathmandu, please do get in touch to discuss your wedding plans.

You can contact me directly at +447961410413 or through my contact form.