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Jewish Wedding Photographer

I’m an experienced Jewish wedding photographer based on the borders of Surrey and London.

I treasure Jewish Weddings, which are great fun and embrace a range of Jewish religious traditions and laws. So I’m familiar with the different traditions of a Jewish wedding that make them so unique and fun.

I have experience documenting beautiful Jewish weddings, and I’ve been fortunate to capture many stunning Jewish weddings. So you are in safe hands with me.

You will receive a fantastic set of photographs with all the best moments and emotions of your fun celebrations, beautiful portraits of you as a couple and family photographs too.


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Jewish Wedding Photography

As an experienced Jewish wedding photographer, I understand the importance of the various traditions of a Jewish wedding.

The importance of capturing you getting ready with your family and friends in the morning.

The men gathered for the Tisch just before the Jewish wedding ceremony under the Chuppah, with singing and chanting. The importance of capturing the signing of the Ketubah.

The Bedeken ceremony is probably one of the most important and emotional parts of the celebrations, with the veiling of the bride by the groom symbolising an act of commitment by the groom.

Another significant moment is the wedding ceremony under the Chuppah, as it represents the new home the couple is building by becoming husband and wife. Some couples like to incorporate a family tallit (prayer shawl) or a special tablecloth passed down the generations into their Chuppah. Others ask family members and friends to contribute personalised fabric squares sewn together to form the canopy, which is a lovely keepsake after the wedding.

The Kiddushin, accompanied by wine, symbolises joy. I will capture the couple drinking from the cup upon completion of the betrothal blessings by the Rabbi.

A pivotal moment is capturing the Giving of the Ring, where the groom places the ring on his bride’s finger, and the marriage becomes official.

It’s important to have memories from the Sheva B’rachot, as it’s an honour to be asked to read one of the seven blessings during the ceremony.

The “Breaking the Glass” usually marks the end of the Jewish wedding ceremony and is a renowned Jewish marriage ritual and marks the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Traditionally, the groom shatters the glass, but in some families, the bride and groom do it together.

Once the Jewish Wedding Ceremony is completed, the married couple will be escorted, with great fanfare, to a private room called the “Yichud” room, where they are left alone to signify their marriage and becoming husband and wife.

Once the ceremony is completed, things become so much more fast-paced. Family and friends make their way onto the dance for ‘The Horah’ (Israeli Dancing). It’s fast, energetic and lively. I know I’ve been bashed around enough times during The Horah!!!

If you like, I can capture portraits of you both once the wedding celebrations are over in and around the wedding venue.

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Choosing your Jewish Wedding Photographer

Short-list photographers you like
Take time to study their photographs and what you like about them. If there isn’t a full wedding album available online, ask to view a complete series to see how the photographer approaches an entire wedding.

Arrange to meet up
Your photographer will be you throughout the day, so you must get on well and trust them. Arrange to meet up and chat about your wedding photography in detail. Ask them about their methods and how they get the best photographs. If you like something (or don’t like!), you can talk about it now, so there are no surprises.

Do you need a Second Photographer?
Jewish weddings are often action-packed, with lots going on during the ceremony and reception. Add in factors such as separate bridal and groom preparations, plus an extensive guest list, and you may want to have another photographer to capture everything. Ask your photographer about their arrangements for having a second shooter, make sure they are also an experienced photographer, and consider requesting samples of their images too.

Length of Photography Coverage
Traditional and modern dancing is a key feature of Jewish weddings. Check what time your photographer is planning to stay and whether they offer extended photographic coverage so that you don’t miss any of those fab Hora (chair dancing) shots.



Get in touch with some information about your wedding celebrations. I’ll let you know if I’m available.


We’ll jump on a Zoom call to discuss all your wedding plans and learn more about my approach, and ask me any questions you might have.


Once you’re ready, let’s get you booked in. You can tick one more thing off your Wedding To-Do-List.



I would love to hear from you, and if you do have any questions at all before booking, please do feel free to give me a call at 07961 410413.

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