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Indian Wedding Photographer; Congratulations! Indian weddings are energetic, fun, and brimming with beautiful traditions.

As a professional Indian wedding photographer, I have a vast wealth of experience documenting exclusive and exquisite Indian weddings, and I’ve been fortunate to capture many stunning Asian weddings.

My discreet and fun (Indian Wedding Photography) style attracts couples who want high quality authentic, natural and fun photographs of their wedding celebrations.

I capture every moment and emotion as it unfolds, from the quick and small intimate looks between you to the bigger moments throughout your wedding.

You will receive beautiful wedding photographs of your celebrations, and you will remember how you actually felt during that time as you look through your photographs.

From the moments of you getting ready. The joyous laughter of the arrival of the groom. The heartfelt emotions of the bride’s parents as they watch their daughter get married. To the (usually) tears as the bride leaves as a married woman, and end of party hugs.

I will be there to capture it all. So you have the best memories of your wedding day.



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Choosing your Indian Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re planning an Indian wedding in London, Surrey, or India (I’m an overseas wedding photographer too!), I’d love to hear about your wedding plans. To check my availability or arrange to meet up, please get in touch here.


Indian Wedding Planning Tips

Allow plenty of planning time

The key to a successful Indian wedding is most certainly allowing plenty of planning time.

An Indian wedding (also known as ‘Vivaah’) typically lasts three days and sometimes longer, in which case planning should start at least early.

Indian wedding rituals and customs

Due to the diverse nature of Indian culture, the exact traditions and rituals you choose will depend on your background, religion, culture, and personal preference.

Pre-wedding rituals

The Mehndi party is a high spirited, fun celebration full of music and dancing.

Mehndi usually takes place the day before the religious ceremony and involves the bride having her hands and feet decorated with intricate henna patterns. The tradition is centuries old, and it’s commonly believed the darker the henna colour, the more intense love the groom has for his bride.

Tips to darken the Mehndi include leaving the henna on for as long as possible (up to eight hours) and gently dabbing the dried design with lemon and sugar.

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The Wedding Ceremony

An Indian wedding celebrates the bride and groom’s union and the meeting of two families.

The ceremony begins with ‘Baraat’ – the groom’s procession (usually on horseback and accompanied by a traditional Dhol player) to the venue where the bride’s family welcomes him.

Then it is followed by ‘Milni’ – the meeting of the two families.

The ceremony comprises of several rituals, including the groom and close family members performing ‘Ganesh Puja’ – a prayer to Lord Ganesh – for good luck.

The ‘Kanyadaan’ – is a touching tradition where the bride’s father pours blessed water on his daughter’s hand before placing it on the groom’s, symbolising the gift of his most beloved possession.

The most significant ritual, though, is the ‘Saptapadi’, where the couple take seven steps together around a small, sacred fire (‘vivah-homah’), reciting a vow with each step.

As so much happens at an Indian wedding, it’s a good idea to have two photographers, which means they can take photos at different locations before the ceremony and capture special moments from multiple angles.

Such as the groom’s reaction to seeing the bride for the first time and the bride seeing the groom.  So you see both sides of the story.

The Reception

Indian wedding receptions usually occur after the ceremony and are well known for being fun, loud affairs with plenty of music and dancing (traditional and modern).

With several stages of an Indian wedding to consider, it’s important to talk early on about which religious customs you want to include and help you get a sense of your celebration’s size.

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Choose the right size location

Indian weddings are well known for their sizeable guest lists, ranging from 300 people upwards.

For this reason, booking a suitable size venue is a must. Popular wedding venues in London with a capacity for 500 guests include the Happenstance – close to St Paul’s cathedral – and the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge.

As well as an Asian wedding photographer in London, I shoot weddings across Surrey and Addington Palace – a Grade II mansion in Croydon – looks incredible and has the capacity for an astonishing 850 guests. If you have your heart is set on a smaller location but have a large guest list, check to see if they have a marquee available.


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