Fearless Award “Winner of Best Moments of 2017” | Hylands House Wedding Photographer

Hylands House Wedding Photographer; it has such a lovely tone to it. Why? Hylands House is a terrific venue for a wedding. The wide-open spaces outside and the massive big room upstairs that can cater for massive wedding parties getting ready. I really enjoy photographing weddings at Hylands House Estate.

It was a bright, sunny and extremely hot July Summer’s day, and the morning zipped by with bridal prep. The guests started arriving and there a huge buzz when the groom arrived at Hylands House.

It was at this time I noticed the grandmother. She had a big personality and she was laughing and joking with the other guests. Later I noticed she was in deep conversation with one of the guests. Another guest informed she was 99 years old and her 100th birthday was in a few week’s time.

As I was busily photographing the details of the day, I noticed she was taking a nap. It struck me how polar opposite this was to how I’d seen her in the earlier part of the day.

One of my photos was judged to be the winner of Fearless Photographers’ inaugural “Best Moments of 2017” by the active members of the Fearless Photographers’ Community. It was a total surprise and I’m ecstatic it has been voted the best photo of 2017.

Hylands House Wedding Photographer

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