How to Choose Between a Wedding Band and a DJ

The wedding ceremony may be the most important part of that big, white day coming up, but most of the time is spent at the reception. Music sets the pace of the party and creates an enjoyable evening for everyone as the bride and groom make their rounds.

Now for the age-old question, though: Should you hire a band or a DJ? Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, but exploring the benefits of each decision may help you make up your mind.

Perks of Booking a Live Band

1. Live music sets a much more personal atmosphere, in part because you can choose a distinct genre of music. Book a band that specialises in string instruments or Big Band sound, for example.

2. Songs can be customised and improvised. Let’s say a woman traditionally performs your wedding song, but you’d prefer to hear it in a man’s voice – find a wedding band with a male singer and ask them to learn the song (chances are they know it already).

3. In general, bands are more entertaining and enjoyable to watch than DJs. Musicians are energetic and they’re right there in front of you. High quality wedding photography will make the band look spectacular on camera, too.

Perks of Hiring a DJ

1. DJs have pretty much every song ever recorded, including unique covers and rare, hard-to-find tracks. If they don’t have a song you want, they’ll be able to get their hands on it in about ten minutes. This is great for obvious reasons, but even better if your DJ agrees to take requests.

2. You’ll get an eclectic soundtrack with an array of genres throughout the night. If you want to dance to Frank Sinatra classics before show tunes play during dinner, followed by reggae as you cut the cake, no problem.

3. There’s no worrying that a live singer will forget the words.

Either way…

 … Don’t be too strict with your “Please Play” and “Don’t Play” lists. Cooperative couples will have more accommodating music professionals. Keep both lists short – five or ten songs on each should be fine. Other than that, explain your preferences and put your trust in the band or DJ to do their job well.

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