Sangeet Wedding Photography

Sangeet Wedding Photography. Before the lavish, colourful wedding ceremony, among the many pre-wedding rituals is the Sangeet.

A celebration of two families coming together, in a less formal and more fun way.

It is traditionally observed in most north Indian weddings and is becoming popular in other cultures within the Indian community too.

The Sangeet is typically held one day before the wedding day.

Nowadays, it is celebrated by both families to revel in the happiness and joy before the imminent union between two families.

The Bride’s family welcomes the Groom and his family and friends.

Then, the ladies from the Groom’s family and friends will then dance with the dhol to meet the Bride.

The songs get sung and the dances performed by the closest family members before everyone takes to the dance floor.

Sangeet Photos

Jagz had a very fun and relaxed Sangeet in North London.

The festivities kicked off with the arrival of Sunny’s family and friends.

Then lots of dhol playing and dancing once Sunny’s parents had decorated Jagz with jewellery.

Please enjoy the Jagz’s Sangeet Wedding Photography.

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Sangeet Wedding Photography

Sangeet Wedding Photography

Sangeet Wedding Photography

Sangeet Wedding

Sangeet Photography

Sangeet Photography



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