Hertfordshire Wedding Photography  

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography. I’m fortunate to be a Wedding Photographer in Surrey as there are so many beautiful areas within Surrey and its borders in which to choose to do a Pre-Wedding Photography shoot.

However, Sweeda and Chirag wanted me to take photos of their daily routine at their home near Watford.

Although they form such an integral part of our lives, rarely do we bother to photograph them as they are something we see every day.

But I often find myself looking at old photographs and instead of remembering the occasion, I am captivated by the background.

A swirly 1980’s carpet, or the sofa I spent my childhood watching cartoons from, or the clothes are worn? All forgotten until I see them in the corner of an old photo.

Without these accidental records of the homes I lived in, these precious memories, not of special events, but everyday life, would be lost, and this is why they invited me to conduct a pre-wedding photography shoot at their Watford home, I jumped at the chance.

I loved the idea of capturing the soon-to-be-weds entirely at ease in their house, so that not only would they have a record of their loving relationship, they would also have images of the home they lovingly created together.

Sweeda and Chirag will be getting married at Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire, but for this shoot, they needed a London Wedding Photographer as their home is in Hertfordshire, just inside the M25.

We decided to split the session into two, shooting both at their home and their local park, allowing them to practice being in front of a camera.

Wedding Photographer

For many couples, their wedding day is the first time they have taken direction from a photographer, which is a daunting prospect when they have so much else on their mind.

A pre-wedding photography shoot works like a dress rehearsal, giving the key players a chance to learn each other’s communication styles and directions.

It also gave Sweeda and Chirag the chance to find out the types of poses they were comfortable with, and which they preferred once they could see the images on the screen.

Sweeda made the most of this rehearsal opportunity when Chirag offered her a bouquet of roses, and she threw it in a traditional bridal style.

Both Sweeda and Chirag are from Nepal, and it was lovely to see their Nepalese heritage reflected in their eclectic interior.

Above the fireplace hangs a Buddha plaque, but what caught my eye was their unusual taps.

A Dhunge Dhara is a traditional water tap found throughout Nepal, initially commissioned by Ancient and Medieval rulers.

Sweeda and Chirag have sourced beautiful taps, echoing this Nepalese tradition to compliment their home.

In addition to the quirky interior (the teapot light fitting was my favourite eccentric accessory), we also took some photographs in their beautifully kept garden, before heading to the local park.

Outdoors we captured some playful and romantic shots, which will beautifully complement the wedding photographs taken in Kelham Hall’s extensive landscaped gardens.

Get in touch if you’re looking for a pre-wedding photography shoot in Hertfordshire either through my contact form, or phone 07961 410 413.

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography


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