Frequently Asked Questions

Thankfully, overly-posed wedding photos are just that, over.

My approach is relaxed natural, documentary-led photography.

I aim to capture the fleeting flashes of emotion between you, your family, and friends that convey the depth and beauty of your relationships, both new and old.

As a seasoned Surrey and London Wedding Photographer, I also understand that planning your wedding can be an exciting but daunting task.

So let me just say, I aim to be the least on your concerns, not only during the planning phase but on the day itself.

I’ve been lucky that pretty much all the couples I’ve shot for have put huge trust and value in me and what I do, to the point where I’ve become a semi-wedding planner.

Thankfully, over the years I’ve got to know some of the best wedding suppliers going, so if you need advice on anything, from florists to floor-packing DJs, just ask!

You’ll find lots of the questions I get asked the most below – if there’s anything else you’d like to know, please drop me a line here and I’ll get back to you asap.

What’s your wedding photography style ?

A mixture of fun, relaxed, documentary style photography with a generous pinch of creativity. I strive to capture the day naturally as it unfolds and, hand on heart, I assure you I won’t ask you to pose for any cheesy, stiff snaps. As well as beautiful reportage images, I also specialise in creative wedding portraits. This is where I spend time taking some fun, slightly edgier, photos of just the two of you. The results are amazing.

We are uncomfortable with having our photos taken, help!

Don’t worry, you’re in a super-safe pair of hands. With my calm approach and unobtrusive documentary style, you can be yourselves and not worry about what’s going on with your photography. I will be just another person attending your wedding. I promise within half an hour you won’t notice me for the rest of the day until it’s time for your family photos or creative portraits, and even then, I’ll never ask you to enact cheesy poses – so chill, have fun, and enjoy the moment.

Do you take couple wedding portraits?

Absolutely! I love taking classic, timeless portraits before we start snapping those awesome creative portraits! It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to relax and spend time together as a couple after the ceremony.

Do you take traditional shots, like formal group shots & the details too?

Yes, I do. Although I like to focus on recording natural moments during the day, I can also take traditional photographs of the details and formal family groups – if this is important to you let me know.

Do you do a pre-wedding shoot and what’s involved?

I sure do. This is a great way to meet, chat and take some casual, fun photos of you both. It also allows you to get comfortable with me photographing you.

Which areas do you cover?

I’m based in Surrey and photograph weddings throughout London and Surrey, from Waverley and Woking to Reigate and Banstead. I’m also a destination wedding photographer, so if you’re planning a destination wedding get in touch.

Can we meet you in person? What if we live far away from you?

If you live within easy reach of central London, then I’d love to meet you both for coffee and cake to discuss your wedding day. If you’re further afield we can arrange a Skype meeting, which is a fantastic way to communicate.

What happens if the weather is bad, I mean, this is the UK ?!

The most important part of your wedding day is you and the people you love. I capture the moments between you as a couple and the lovely, fun interactions with your guests. It really doesn’t matter what the weather does – sun, sleet or snow, this is your wedding day!

What if have you never shot at our wedding venue before? Will our photos still ‘look good’?

I’ve shot at lots of venues across London, Surrey, the UK, and abroad. If it’s one that I haven’t shot at before, if possible, I can visit the location with you before the day.  Also, I think it’s important not to get too hung up on using someone who hasn’t shot at a particular location – every wedding is different and it’s the style of photography you fall in love with, so your photographer should inject that same magic wherever they’re shooting.

Do you need a list of shots?

Unless you’re planning something out of the ordinary, then no. There will be photos of your wedding dress, venue, flowers, and other details if you want them, although for some couples these are less of a priority. We can chat about this beforehand.

Do we need a second photographer ?

A second photographer is great if you want complete coverage of your wedding day. Also a second photographer can be anywhere I’m not, for example, covering the groom prep. Additionally, my focus is on trying to capture the mood of the day, so a second photographer is invaluable if you want lots of formal group shots, which are an essential part of wedding photography in certain cultures.

When will we receive our wedding photos?

I pay the utmost care and attention to the quality and finish of your photographs so that you’ll love looking at them for years to come. This process can take up to 12 weeks after your wedding day.

How many photos will I receive ?

[T]here are no set limits to the number of photographs you will receive. I photograph your wedding day as it happens, recording the moments that matter – the interesting, the beautiful, the tears of joy, the raucous laughter – I don’t think you can, or should set a limiton that!

Can we print our photos ?

Yes. I’ll provide you with a licence so that you can print any and all of the edited high- resolution photographs you receive from me. Not only that but your family and friends can print the photographs free of charge too. If you’re going to print your photos, I recommend using a professional printing lab as they work on each photo to ensure the quality of the final print. I can suggest some if this is something you’d like to do.



Do we need to feed you?

No. Would I like you to feed me? Yes, please! I don’t want to be too far away during the reception meal in case something impromptu and wonderful happens that I need to capture. Also, food re-fuels the brain and will help keep me energised for the rest of the day.

How much do you charge?

Please check my Collections page.

Do you offer discounts for weekday or winter weddings?

As a professional wedding photographer I only take on a limited number of weddings per year.  This allows me to offer an exceptional quality photography service and carefully edited images that my couples love. I also work hard to deliver the caliber of photos I offer and appreciate working with couples who see and value that difference. So, sorry no discounts.

Re: Winter weddings, these are often harder to shoot due to the extra expertise and equipment needed to produce stunning photographs in low light 🙂 

We’ve seen some other wedding photographers that charge less than you

Pricing varies for all kinds of reasons, including the experience of the photographer, the quality of their work, the breadth of service they provide, the standard of equipment they use and the visual impact of the final images. For example, a wedding photographer who simply turns up on the day, shoots and hands over a hard drive of images after the first dance, provides a very different service to a photographer who meets and chats through what you want for your wedding photos, plans each phase of your wedding photography and edits each image individually.

As a professional wedding photographer, my fee reflects factors such as my experience, the quality of my work and the time spent preparing, planning and editing your wedding photographs so that they look visually amazing.

What happens if your equipment fails / breaks ?

No worries. I carry backups of backups – camera bodies, lenses, batteries, memory cards, flashes etc.- to ensure any equipment failure does not affect your wedding photography. As I say, my aim is to be the least of your concerns on your wedding day.

Are you insured ?

Yes. Everything is fully insured.



Do we need a wedding album?

Very much so. In fact, I encourage all couples to invest in a wedding album, not only to show everyone how fabulous the day was but to look through and have a good old reminisce. It’s a sad fact that photographs on USBs and disks rarely if ever, get looked at – or worse are accidentally wiped – please don’t let your treasured wedding photos go the same way!

What if you cannot make the wedding because of illness or injury ?

Thankfully, I’m in good health which has enabled me to provide beautiful photographs for every one of my couples. However, in the event I couldn’t make it, then I have a strong network of equally talented pro photographers who I can call on to capture your day.

How do we book you ?

Pop over to the contact page and fill in details of your wedding day and check availability – I get booked up to two years in advance. Once we’ve chatted about your wedding, I will send you a contract via email to sign, then you can sit back and relax knowing that your wedding photography is completely taken care of.

Can you hold our wedding date until we decide?

I take bookings on a first-come, first-served basis. A signed contract and booking fee secures your wedding date, which makes it fair to everyone.

How long should we wait before booking you as our photographer?

To be honest, I wouldn’t wait. Please see my last FAQ! 🙂