Finding a Perfect Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Your wedding day is the day to look your best, both in person and for your wedding photography. To do that, you need to find the perfect makeup artist and hairstylist. Many professionals offer both services, making it easier for you to shop around. How do you find the perfect match, though? One way is to know which questions to ask.

1. Love your regular hairstylist? Ask if she works with brides. Not every person who works at a salon is adept at wedding hair!

2. Ask to see their portfolio of real brides, not just photo shoots with models. Better yet is if you can see “Before” and “After” photos to watch the gorgeous transformation from Girl Next Door to Bombshell Bride. As you look through bridal galleries, ask yourself if you like the stylist’s work. Also, are they able to do a lot of different looks?

3. Get a clear overview of what the trial entails. How many hair and makeup styles can you try out? Is there a time limit to the trial? How much does the trial cost and what does it include? Is the price included in the overall cost for your wedding day hair and makeup or do you pay separately?

4. Ask your stylist if they’d like you to bring in photos of your dress, accessories and color scheme. If you can bring along your earrings, necklace and hair accessories, that’s a huge help to the hairstylist. If you don’t have your veil or hair accessories yet, ask the stylist if they’ll be okay working with them on the wedding day.

5. Brides who have sensitive skin may be uncomfortable using makeup and skin products that aren’t their own. Ask the makeup artist if they mind using your own makeup, even if you have to purchase different products from a company you’re familiar with.

6. Find out if the stylist needs you to go to the salon on the day of your wedding or if they provide on-site services. Also, find out what the price difference is between the two options.

7. If your bridesmaids are going to get their hair and makeup professionally done, find out if the stylist can accommodate the entire group.

8. Ask who will be doing your hair and makeup on the actual day. If it’s not the same person doing the trial, you could end up looking different on your wedding day.

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