Farbridge Wedding Photography

Welcome to the Farbridge Wedding Photography of {R} & {P}. Farbridge is located just outside Chichester, within the picturesque South Downs Park.

The owners renovated the Old Diary into a beautiful and impressive wedding venue. The barn hosts up to 150 guests and has seven en-suite bedrooms for the couple and their guests. The venue is perfect all year round, as the barn has underfloor heating to keep everyone warm. The barn is light, airy, and big enough to host a bigger wedding, yet still feel intimate, with amazing views outside.

selfie time at Farbridge

Wedding Photographer at Farbridge

I started the day by meeting the bride and her friends and family at The Dean Inn, a top-rated and quaint hotel for brides. My photographer friend, Emil, covered the groom getting ready and his friends at a nearby pub.

The bridal party was in absolutely fabulous spirits. Everyone was in a fun and jolly mood, as seen in the photos! There was so much humour and laughter throughout the entire wedding celebrations. In the late morning, we went to Farbridge Barn to complete hair and make-up for the bridal party.

As a Farbridge Wedding Photographer, as I approached Farbridge, I was met with big blue skies and the beautiful South Downs Park countryside. Once the bride was ready, there was a touching moment when her dad saw her in her wedding dress for the first time.

It brought him to tears, a beautiful and poignant moment they can re-live forever through their wedding photos at Farbridge. The ceremony was full of fun and laughter, too. And the speeches, Oh my! I’ve never seen so many howls of laughter from the bride and groom.

Thanks to my friend, Emil, for supporting and capturing photos that completed this Farbridge Wedding Photography.

Enjoy this fabulous Farbridge Wedding in beautiful weather. Here are my favourite photos from a beautiful wedding day at Farbridge;

Farbridge Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photography at Farbridge
bride and mum getting ready
the groom and his party getting a drink
Bridesmaids getting ready at Farbridge
bride and bridesmaids at Farbridge
Farbridge Wedding Photography
the bridesmaids first look at the bride
emotional bridesmaids at Farbride
Farbridge Wedding Photography
Farbridge Wedding Photographer
emotional Father and bride moment
guests at the Farbridge wedding
bride and father walking to the Farbridge wedding
groom waiting for the bride at Farbridge
Farbridge Wedding Photography
Wedding photos at Farbridge
emotional wedding ceremony
the wedding ceremony at Farbridge
the confetti walk at Farbridge
Farbridge Wedding Photography
Farbridge Wedding Photographer
bride getting a hug
group photograph at Farbridge
guests having fun at Farbridge
hugging the bride at Farbridge
hugging the groom at Farbridge
guest sleeping at Farbridge
children playing at Farbridge
the father of the bride speech at Farbridge
Farbridge Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography at Farbridge
Farbridge Wedding Photography
bride and groom walking at Farbridge
couple portraits at Farbridge
the first dance at Farbridge
Farbridge Wedding Photography
Farbridge Wedding Photography



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