Details to Tackle the Night Before Your Wedding

Never-ending wedding “To Do” lists don’t end a few hours before you walk down the aisle. Here are seven details many brides forget to square away the night before one of the best days of their life.

1. Put out your “getting ready” clothes. You don’t need a custom robe that says “Bride” on the back, but not put some thought into your outfit. Your family and friends will be ready to photograph you from the second you wake up, and your photographer will be capturing you as you get primed for the day. Make sure to wear a top that buttons down – you don’t want to pull a shirt over your head after your hair and makeup’s done.

2. Pack a small bag with essentials, including deodorant, mints, tissues, a list of vendor phone numbers and whatever flats you’re going to put on during the reception.

3. Put all of your accessories and your essentials bag into one big bag. Include your jewelry, shoes, undergarments, and hair accessories. Keep this bag next to your dress so everything’s together in the morning.

4. Eat a healthy meal that won’t make you bloated overnight. Nix pasta and alcohol and instead go for dark, leafy greens, grilled chicken or fish, brown rice, and lots of water.

5. Read over your vows/wedding speech again to get rid of any last-minute nerves, and make any final changes.

6. Pamper yourself! There’s no better evening to feel more pulled together and gorgeous than the night before your wedding. Pat on a face-mask, run a bath, exfoliate your hands… Just don’t use a product you’re unfamiliar with – this is not the time to get a rash or discover a new allergy!

 7. It’s going to be hard, but you really need to sleep. Wind down by taking a hot shower, reading, drinking tea, meditating – whatever will get you snoozing for at least seven hours. Skip the booze and sleeping pills, even if you know they’ll knock you out – you’ll end up groggy in the morning and you run the risk of oversleeping.