Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

What do you do with all those wedding photos? Do you post them to Facebook and are done with it? Do you send prints to your grandparents? Do you line your walls with every single photo you ordered from your photographer? Follow these tips for making your wedding photos visible and part of your home’s decor without being overwhelming.

1. Start with the basics: create an album of your day. Why not just send away for one you created yourself? Time and skill went into the photos and you should do them justice with a professional album. Your photographer will be able to customize your wedding photo album so that the images tell a story. Plus, photographers know all the best printers.

2. Go big. Like, really big. For example, a 60” x 80” print will look stunning in a large, empty space, especially if you have an entire bare wall to adorn. An oversized image showing your wedding photography will also spark conversation every time someone new enters the room.

3. Instead of a plain ol’ nail, hang photos low from ribbon or rope. You can even secure a pretty curtain rod to the wall and then hang the frames down from that.

4. Overlap framed photos to create a layered effect. Put some directly on the wall with a nail and then hang others so that they cover just a bit of the frame or image. This is a great way to show a bunch of your favorite wedding photos without taking up too much space.

5. Do you love a crisp, symmetrical look? Take your favorite black and white picks from wedding photography and put them all in the same matte and frame. Then line them up evenly down a long hallway. With smaller photos, you can create a border where the wall meets the ceiling.

6. Did your friends take a bunch of photos of each other or did you have a photo booth at your reception? Find a charming vintage picture frame or window frame, put wire in it, attach clothespins and hang the photos from them. Change out the pictures as often as you want!

7. Put up a shelf to create a ledge just for framed photos of all different shapes and sizes. This is especially great if you’ve always wanted a mantle but don’t have a fireplace.

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