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Chinese Wedding Photographer

As a Chinese Wedding Photographer, I’ve been fortunate to photograph these vibrant, energetic and fun celebrations.

My natural wedding photography allows me to capture the moments and emotions candidly so you will receive photographs that become timeless memories for you and future generations.

From the door games and games with the groom and groomsmen, traditional tea ceremonies, and gift exchanges to the vibrant red and gold colour scheme, Chinese weddings are brimming with age-old themes and rituals.

Of course, your beliefs will influence the traditional Chinese customs you incorporate into your big day.

It is traditional for the groom and groomsmen to escort the bride to the wedding ceremony wherever she is getting ready. However, the bridal party will make them play ‘games’ before they are allowed inside and, once inside, more games before the groom is allowed to see his bride-to-be.

Once the bride and groom have met, it’s time for the Tea Ceremony. The Wedding Tea Ceremony is a popular tradition carried over by many modern Chinese couples. The ceremony usually takes place on the morning of the wedding day and marks the formal introduction of the bride to the groom’s family. Both the bride and groom serve tea to their parents and parents-in-law-to-be. Traditionally the tea ceremony would take place in the parent’s home, but it’s not unusual to find the tea ceremonies in elegant hotels. Often the same hotel will be used for the bridal preparations.

After the wedding ceremony, it’s traditional for Chinese weddings to include a lavish banquet, often with hundreds of guests. The banquets will often be held in luxury Chinese restaurants.

Whatever traditions you have chosen to incorporate into your celebrations, I will capture all the moments and emotions.

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Choosing Your Chinese Wedding Photographer

A lot of planning will go into your Chinese wedding. Your wedding is likely to be large and your celebrations full of fun with lots going on.

Choose your photographer carefully to ensure you receive beautiful photographs you love and will always treasure.

Pre-wedding photographs
In China, pre-wedding photographs are usually taken up to three months before the wedding day, generally at beauty spots or in front of iconic landmarks, the more visually stunning, the better! These pre-wedding shoots – where you dress in your whole wedding finery – are increasingly popular with Chinese couples in the UK so check with your photographer that this is a service they offer. As well as being an excellent opportunity to create striking photos of you together, a pre-wedding shoot is also an excellent way to get to know your photographer before the day. If you choose London for your pre-wedding shoot, be prepared to start early as popular settings, such as London Bridge, Westminster, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, will be extremely busy during the day. 

Photography style
Carefully consider the style of photography you want and review online portfolios to ensure your shortlist offers the style you have chosen. Documentary photography is very popular – also known as photojournalistic or reportage – and tells the story of your day naturally as it unfolds.

I aim to capture the big and small moments, creating a unique narrative of your wedding story as well as documentary, many photographers, including myself, will also specialise in creative wedding portraits. These photographs of the two of you are designed for maximum visual impact. For example, they may involve you striking a serious or funny pose in front of a well-known building, standing side-by-side under an umbrella (super British!), or simply holding each other’s gaze under acres of sky. The results are often breathtaking.

Full coverage of your day
With so much happening at your wedding, you may choose to have a second photographer. Choose a photographer who can arrange this for you and ensure that their second photographer is experienced. Some photographers cover up to the first dance as standard; if your party is going on late into the night and you want this cover make sure you can arrange extended coverage with your photographer.

A big wedding album to remember your fantastic wedding day, with a mixture of colour and timeless black and white photographs.

Don’t leave it too late!
Many photographers, myself included, are often booked months and years in advance. Once you’ve found a photographer whose work you love, check their availability as soon as possible.





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