Chinese Wedding Photographer

From the traditional tea ceremony to the vibrant red and gold colour scheme, Chinese weddings are brimming with age old themes and rituals. Where you’re from and your beliefs are likely to make a big difference to which Chinese customs you incorporate into your wedding day. And if you’re planning your wedding in the UK, you may be keen to draw on some western wedding traditions too.

Having photographed Chinese weddings in the UK, here are some key planning tips and things to consider when booking a wedding photographer:

Choosing Your Wedding Venue: Traditional Chinese weddings usually comprise three main elements, the legal (in China the vows take place in a government office weeks or even months the wedding day), the ceremony (incorporating religious or non-religious rituals and readings) and the reception. However, in the UK the legal declarations (the wedding vows) are an intrinsic part of the ceremony.

You can choose to get married at a diverse range of wedding venues in the UK. A religious ceremony can take place in a church or chapel, or you can arrange a civil ceremony (these don’t include any religious readings) at your local registry office. If you wish, a religious blessing can take place afterwards in the registry office. You can also get married at an approved or licensed wedding venue, such as, a hotel or historical venue.

Wedding Tea Ceremony: Along with fun wedding door games, the tea ceremony is a popular tradition carried over by many modern Chinese couples. The ceremony usually takes place on the morning of the wedding day and marks the formal introduction of the bride to the groom’s family. Both the bride and groom serve tea to their parents and parents-in-law to be.

If it isn’t possible to serve tea at your parent’s home, elegant London hotels, such as The Landmark in Marylebone or the boutique Bingham Hotel in Richmond upon Thames, make beautiful backdrops for the wedding tea ceremony and bridal preparations.

Chinese Wedding Banquet Locations: Most Chinese wedding banquets are held in luxury Chinese restaurants. As Chinese weddings tend to be large – it’s normal for a guest list comprise between 350 and 400 people – finding a suitable restaurant can be tricky.

Phoenix Palace near Baker Street in London has capacity for 250 covers and is all on one floor. While Yi-Ban in the Docklands can seat up to 380 wedding guests. If you’re keen to have your wedding banquet at a certain location, research specialist caterers who will deliver food to your venue.

Chinese Wedding Photographer: Chinese weddings are lively with lots going, to make sure you receive beautiful photos that you love now and in the future, here’s what to look for:

  • Pre-wedding photos – In China wedding photos are usually taken up to three months prior to the wedding day. They are typically taken at beauty spots or in front of iconic landmarks, the more visually stunning the better!These pre-wedding shoots – where you dress in your full wedding finery – are increasingly popular with Chinese couples in the UK. As well as a great opportunity to create striking photos of you together, it’s a good way to spend time getting to know your photographer before the day.If you choose London for your pre-wedding shoot be prepared to start early as popular settings, such as, London Bridge, Westminster and St. Paul’s Cathedral will be heaving with people during the day.
  • Photography style – Think about the style of photography you want. A popular style is ‘documentary’ – also known as photo-journalistic or reportage – which tells the story of your day naturally as it unfolds. It aims to capture the big and small moments, creating a unique narrative of your wedding story.As well as documentary, many photographers, including myself, specialise in creative wedding portraits. These photos are of just the two of you and are designed for maximum visual impact. For example, they may involve you striking a serious or funny pose in front of a well-known building, standing side-by-side under an umbrella (super British!) or simply holding each other’s gaze under acres of sky. The results are often breathtaking. 

Ask to see examples of your photographer’s documentary and couples’ wedding portraits to see what they can achieve.

As an award-winning London and Surrey wedding photographer, I’d be delighted to hear about your wedding plans and photography ideas. To find out more or arrange a coffee, please send me a message and I’ll be in touch asap. 

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