Canterbury Engagement Photography

Canterbury Engagement Photography. When Monica and Bal booked me for their wedding photography, they decided they also wanted a pre-wedding shoot in Canterbury.

Why Canterbury? They met while both were studying at Canterbury University.

I had never visited Canterbury, and I was excited at visiting such a beautiful historic Roman town, famed for its Cathedral and University.

The weather was hot, and the sun was shining brightly, which was in stark contrast the bad weather leading up to July.

I usually like to stroll through the chosen place, looking for good quality light, and great locations.

However, there was no need this time; Monica and Bal had already chosen several locations that were meaningful to them.

We started with a relaxing river trip with a boatman steering us along the River Stour.

After that we had a leisurely walk back to their hotel, looking for great light, and exciting locations.

At the hotel, Monica and Bal changed into something more formal, and we headed out to the other locations they had selected.

Engagement Photography

We then headed back for a last change of clothes, after having an interesting talk over coffee. We ended the day at the university and took some images of the place where they first met.

Thank you to Monica and Bal, it was a real pleasure to wander through the streets of Canterbury with you both. I’m looking forward to documenting your special day at Winters Barns later this year.

Canterbury Engagement Photography

Canterbury Engagement Photography

Canterbury Engagement Photography

Canterbury Engagement Photography

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