Fearless Award-Winning Indian Engagement Photography

The award-winning Indian Engagement Photography of the bride took place in the back garden of the bride’s parent’s home in Aylesbury, Bucks.

This Indian pre-wedding event is a very important ritual and dates back to Vedic times (c. 1500 – c. 500). The actual name of the engagement ceremony varies depending on where in India your family originated from. For Hindus, it is called the Sagai.

Fearless Award-Winning Indian Engagement Photographer

This photo was taken during the Choora ceremony, which is a highlight of the night and usually takes place the evening before the wedding itself.

The Choora is a set of bangles gifted to the bride-to-be by her maternal uncles, as part of the Choora Ceremony. The bangles are washed in milk and then placed on the wrists of the bride-to-be.

I was absolutely delighted to have won a new Fearless Award (Collection 47) capturing this very emotional moment between father and daughter.

I am blessed to be an Indian Wedding Photographer, candidly documenting Indian Weddings around the world.

Award-Winning Indian Engagement Photography Choora Ceremony


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