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Allum Hall Wedding Photography. The wedding of {P} and {K} was doubly exciting. Not only did it signify the start of life as newlyweds, but it also marked the beginning of a new life in Kenya for {P}. {K} lives and works in Nairobi, and after the wedding, {P}, who had previously lived in London, was set to join him.

Historic Allum Hall

The wedding took place at Allum Hall in Hertfordshire. The civil ceremony took place in the historic Grade II listed Manor House. There are no records available to determine the precise age of the building. However, in 1830, Thomas Haworth bought the house for £1,500 and described it as “an ancient family house erected upwards of 100 years”.

If this estimate is accurate, it will make the building almost 300 years old today. The ceremony occurred in a small room with friends and family dressed in bright, beautiful outfits.

the bride and groom watching the dances at Allum Hall

Playful Spirit at Allum Hall Weddings

It wasn’t only the clothes that were vibrant. {P} bounced with so much playful energy that keeping her in the shot was difficult. Thanks to some fun frame props, we did manage to capture some quirky pictures. {P}’s positivity and energy shone through even when striking a more serious pose.

Two-Part Wedding

The civil ceremony, necessary to make the marriage legally binding, took place in the original building. Afterwards, friends and family formed two lines outside and scattered the bride and groom with dried petal confetti.

Then, the whole wedding party moved to the main reception area for the second wedding ceremony, a traditional Hindu event. As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, I am fortunate to attend some genuinely lavish events.

But few will compare to the colours, sounds and fragrances at {P} and {K}’s wedding. With the formalities concluded, it was time for the guests to be served a delicious meal before the traditional speeches were delivered.

Allum Manor Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Thanks go to {P} and {K} for inviting me to be part of such a spectacular wedding, and I wish them every luck in their new life in Nairobi.

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