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 A good photo tells a story. What’s yours?

Your wedding day will be one of your most memorable and cherished memories in your life. There’s a line in a well-known novel that says; “Memories warm you from the inside”. Sadly, even our most cherished memories fade over time. The best way to preserve those memories is by capturing your most treasured and everlasting moments in photos.

I strive to document the day as it happens in its entirety, capturing the emotions and moments, to preserve them as memories, telling the love story right from the beginning. As you view each photo, I want you to remember and relive how you felt at that very moment.

A finished album acting as a storybook, is a great way to relive the memories over and over again.

To see your own personal love story in pictures, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

 I cover weddings in Surrey, London, Kent, and beyond.

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